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  1. where is Renbury Farm?
  2. I am about to embark on a massive cull of old towels and blankets as we are de-cluttering before our possible work relocation. Is there any rescue in the Sutherland Shire that I can drop them to? Alternatively, if there is a rescue outside of the area, you are more than welcome to come and collect.
  3. For The Border Collie People

    I have tears.... You just can't beat a b/c Jessie dog (RIP Jess, Feb 2005), although our Bronte is close on her heels....
  4. Border Collie Help

    We used to clip my old BC Jess in summer, but purely from a practical point of view. She was a farm dog, it was easier to check for ticks, and hardly any maintenance on her coat. With Bronte, we will never clip her, just make sure she has plenty of water, get her swimming whenever possible and lots of doggie iceblocks during the day!!
  5. Washing Your Dog/s

    In winter Bronte only gets washed (and under sufferance) when she is smelly, so maybe twice during winter? During summer, we spend nearly every afternoon at the local beach, so she doesn't get washed as such, but is hosed free of salt water, and she gets a good wash once a month, then flea/tick/worm treated at the same time. I have recently found a shampoo and conditioner that still smells lovely even after 2 weeks of salt swimming..... Can't remember it's name off the top of my head, though.
  6. Puppy School In Sutherland Shire?

    We wanted to go to Sylvania when Bronte was little, but had to wait for the next class - and by then she would've been 16 weeks old. So, we went to Jannali Vet at 12 weeks, and I've only got good things to say about Kylie there. We then moved on to Hanrob for the basics (I needed to learn too!) and Steve was wonderful with her. We had a full on weekly lesson for about 6 months, and now we just go for a refresher every now and then....
  7. Preferred Dry Food

    We've just changed from Supercoat Puppy over to Eukanuba, and have noticed a difference in b/c straight away. Her coat is glossy, she is HEAPS more active ( ) and #2's are firmer. Oh, and she wolfs it down. With the Supercoat, always had to put something with it, ie: egg, sardines, vegies, mince, etc, etc.
  8. How Much Does It Cost

    We've just changed Bronte (border collie) to Eukanuba and it costs us between $1-$1.50/day to feed. That is with 2 small feeds (recommended weights), 1 AM feed, 1 PM feed, PM feed gets the odd supplement of sardines/left over vegies/marrow bones. Edited: she also gets bones when she is at home by herself as a treat, and also food treats for training. She gets exercised on average every 2nd day, if not more.
  9. What Do You Use To Walk Your Dog

    We tried all sorts of things (halti, flat, choker, etc) with Bronte and ended up with a harness. Several reasons for this: 1. flat collar and she pulled my back out several times and this does not wash well for time of work. 2. She seems more comfy in it and doesn't pull. 3. It also doubles as her harness for securing in the car. _a_href_
  10. Favourite Vegies

    Bronte adores zucchini.... Loves peas, beans and cauliflower. Hates carrots, will actually go out of her way to pick them out and put them on the ground beside her dish..... Fruit-wise - loves a piece of apple and mango now and then. She prefers the banana skin to the actual fruit.
  11. Tooth Cleaning Products/chews

    Definately can't beat the bones. However, if I'm feeling a little rich, I will splurge and buy some greenies. Regardless, Bronte will always bury what she's given! Anyone would think she had a rival in the yard....
  12. Time To Go Walkies!

    Bronte is the same - only goes at home, never on walks, never at the dog park. If she is really busting, she wimpers and tells you she needs to go, but won't go unless you give her the OK and even then it's only #1's. She will go if visiting (ie: MIL's house) overnight, won't hold it in that long.
  13. Tick Treatments

    Thanks for info Skye DaLimit. I understand where you are coming from, however as I have said in my previous post, we have never had a dog at the vet's for a tick whilst using Frontline. So, whilst it's working (I am also very diligent with checking, it's just something you do when you grow up in a 'tick area', and would be just as diligent using another brand), we'll stick with it. All the vets that I have spoken to in our local area have recommended it. Again, thanks for the info. Jodi
  14. Tick Treatments

    We use Frontline Plus on our b/c pup. We're in Sydney, but travel regularly to Forster (my parents have a few acres up there) and when we do, we do a double dose, ie: each 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. We also check religiously. We also used it on my old b/c Jess, just once a month and NEVER had any tick problems. She grew up on the farm (next to creeks, bush and dairy farm), so maybe her own immunity had something to do with it as well.... Dad reckons they used to literally fall off her.
  15. Where Do You Wash Your Dogs?

    We wash in the backyard with the hose (if I used buckets it would take all day). If it's a little cool, then a couple of buckets of warm water for the final rinse. Then it's a towel off and a quick blast with the hair dryer.... When she was tiny it was a warm bath in the laundry sink.