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  1. I endorse all these sentiments - rest in peace our furry, woolly, feathered and scaly friends. And of course the people who died and whose surviving loved ones are stunned and grieving terribly. DOLers - don't forget there are several animal fund-raising appeals in addition to those for the people affected.
  2. Have just seen a promo for this week's '7.30 Report' on ABC 1 - there will be a story about 'dangerous dogs'. Not sure which night, as they didn't say. Let's hope it's not the sort of sensationalist rubbish the commercial networks would run.
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    To All

    I support all the above sentiments! ;) Rest in peace, all our beloved companions who have crossed the bridge.
  4. Beautiful boy, splendid name! Rest in peace, Cougar. The first anniversary is hard isn't it Last Friday I relived every moment of Boxing Day 2007, the day I lost my Willow. Spent most of the day blubbing and looking at the clock. Thinking of you.
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    LucyCharzie I have only just read your thread about Lucy - sorry , I was so carried away with my 12 month anniversary of losing my Goldie, Willow. I do hope you are comforted knowing that you did everything you could for your girl. And putting her to sleep, hard as it was, was the kindest thing to do. I laughed when I read how naughty Lucy could be with the towels and stuff. Willow was notorious for extracting socks and undies from the laundry basket, taking them outside, tearing them into small bits and swallowing and then pooing them out some time later, which was usually when I realised they were missing! She would always be terribly apologetic when her crimes were discovered. But how I loved her. You did the right thing by your Lucy and she is free from pain now.
  6. I'm so sorry too. Thinking of you in your sadness.
  7. Thanks LucyCharzie and I am sorry you lost your Lucy at such a young age too. And only recently it seems from the dates under her pic. Your grief must still be very raw. Some old codger once said "The trouble with dogs is that they don't live long enough. It's their only fault really." Hear hear! And as for people who don't like or respect dogs, there is clearly something wrong with them! Those people are missing out on something wonderful.
  8. Thanks Powerlegs - sorry, I didn't see your response before I answered Clyde and baifra. I do appreciate your kind thoughts.
  9. Thank you, Clyde and baifra. And yes, my avatar is my girl - isn't she magnificent?! I wish I had known about Dogzonline when she died as I would have gone to the Rainbow Bridge forum straight away. I know it would have been a great comfort to have others understand the pain I had losing her, especially so young and unexpectedly. I am now a sort of regular on the DOL rescue page (mainly Das dogs in Canberra). And I feel I am honouring my Willow by volunteering one day a week at the DAS Canberra dog pound. Willow was not a pound dog herself (in fact her breeding and background were impeccable!) but she was such a great girl. There are so many dogs out there, without homes or love. I do it for my girl. Thanks again, guys.
  10. Thanks fifi. And yes, she will always be our shining star.
  11. We lost our beautiful Golden Retriever, Willow on Boxing Day 2007. She collapsed without warning and died at the emergency vet clinic four hours later, apparently from a ruptured renal artery. She was only six. She was a relentlessly cheerful, utterly charming, beautiful girl and everyone loved her to bits. We still do and we miss her terribly. Sleep peacefully, my precious girl. We will never forget you. Piarki the Summer Willow - 16 July 2001 to 26 December 2007. from your adoring Mum and family XXXXXX
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