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  1. We're working on a health survey, and that is one of the first questions.
  2. Our pups firmly believe that being crated is a big treat - because they only get chicken frames when they are crated:-)
  3. Quite a bit of misinformation on that website. It has a lot of incorrect statements, and leaves out vital things like health testing. Talks about CL and TNS, but doesn't mention the DNA tests. Not a good guide to Border Collies! Wonder who this so called expert is? As others have said, make sure your pup is from a responsible breeder, and it will come with a comprehensive diet sheet. Lots of breeders send the pup home with a food pack too.
  4. If you get the purple spray on your hands - use hairspray to get it off.
  5. Use vinegar and water as a final rinse and leave it on - does wonders.
  6. We have both cork and commercial grade vinyl planks. The cork has been down for nearly 20 years, and is fantastic for the dogs as its slight 'give' means they don't slip. The planks are the highest grade of 'non slip' but are far more slippery for the dogs and they often lose traction on it. My daughters think the cork is very old fashioned, but I wouldn't have anything else for my back and for the dogs.
  7. I tried them, but the dogs actually remove them from the water bowls!
  8. Tippi, I've had to have old dogs PTS, and every time it has seemed like they just let go. My last one was sitting in the car, and as the injection took effect she just collapsed down. I have seen one in terrible pain, and the change from suffering to peace and knew I had done the right thing.
  9. Re papers - one thing that legally all breeders must do in NSW is microchip - so if she didn't give you those papers she is breaking state law.
  10. Mine have no problem with it. One boy who is pretty difficult re even fish oil capsules eats RHVC with no problem. I am using the equine version fro the dogs, and it ahs molasses in it - the dogs LOVE it.
  11. A lot of cav breeders don't let their pups go until 10 weeks - your breeder has not done the right thing by you or the pup. I second the suggestion that you find another vet - perhaps if you tell us where you live we can suggest some good vets for you. You are doing a great job - and best of all you have asked for help when you were unsure :-)
  12. It's ok to be hurting and crying - give yourself permission to cry and grieve for your best friend. It does get better ... eventually. Hugs
  13. We simply replace the dry food with cooked pumpkin and roast cabbage. Much better for the dog, and the hip pocket :-)
  14. We use the Bunnings garden waste cages to fence part of the family room off from the pups. I find that they object to being fenced in, but are fine about being fenced off from the leather couch :-) As he grows, he will need more space than the laundry and boredom could become a problem, so if you can safely give him part of the family room, it will make a big difference. The panels are also very useful for reinforcing fences. There's a new kong out - flat and sort of star shaped - that keeps pups busy for hours. I also downloaded an app that plays all sorts of sounds.
  15. Go and see Karen Hedberg at North Richmond- take the Xrays, and ask for her opinion - you will get both an experienced vet and a GSD expert.
  16. Dogs On Show is coming up - that will be an ideal chance to talk to GSD people. a friend of mine has a lovely young boy- I can ask where they got him if you like.
  17. We've had some outside for 5 years now. The very bottom of some is a bit rusty, but still very serviceable. I just went and bought 6 more packs to do more puppy fencing. We even use it inside the pool fence, in case a pup gets through, so it gets salty water on it and has coped really well. I don't bother with the springs that come with it - use black zip ties instead.
  18. Hi temperamentfirst, out of interest what exactly is Dr Schuesslers tissue salt nerve tonic 5? I've never heard of it. Is it like a type of rescue remedy? It is similar. I had a bitch who had only two pups and NOTHING would convince her there weren't more - somewhere, anywhere. She was so bad that the two pups were at risk so I spoke to a naturopath, who suggested this. Since then I have used it with a very anxious rescue dog and a visiting dog who had extreme storm phobia.
  19. I'd try a chicken frame rather than harder bones. It seems to help with stinky breath too. Apple cider vinegar is great for yeasty and immune problems. Make sure her food is wheat free! Re her anxiety and stress - Dr Schuessler's tissue salts - Nerve Tonic Combination 5 will help her.
  20. I haven't heard of any CL with such an early onset. Also, CL can't be managed or controlled, so its more likely to be a shunt or a form of epilepsy. Sydney Uni did not develop the CL test - the late Dr Alan Wilton and Dr Scott Melville of UNSW were the ones who found the gene and hence the test. The gene in BCs was not the same as eg English Setters, so I doubt the BC test would work on ACDs.
  21. I give it to mine at any sign of injury or infection or insect bite. Also the wound dressing is great. Don't know re the WA jarrah honey, as I buy Manuka factor 10 or higher, but when we got sick travelling we found that even ordinary honey helped.
  22. It could be solved as follows: The owner of the bitch should be obliged to show: 1. Their ANKC member body membership card and 2. The bitch's ANKC registration papers proving that the bitch is registered to them. The ANKC membership card also shows the members' prefix.
  23. I've had mine for 5 years. Some have been used outside for most of that time. I noticed that the very bottom has slightly rusted on a few of those, but basically they've held up well. I find the silly springs that come with them useless tho as they always find their way to the bottom. We use cable ties instead. I like them so much that I just bought a few more :)
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