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  1. Those Crazy Labradors

    2x water lovers = Double trouble
  2. Those Crazy Labradors

    Hi Everyone It's been a long time since I have been in here, thought I'd share a couple of photos. Scout is just as gorgeous as ever, she has been fantastic with Marcus, they are best buddies. Hope everyone and their labs are doing well :D
  3. Those Crazy Labradors

    OMG.... look at everything i've missed .......Puppy...... Squeee. How cute is Ollie
  4. Those Crazy Labradors

    Wow what great photos, I love the one sitting in the field tounge hanging out...... happy as a lab in water! Rubystar marcus is 6mths tomorrow
  5. Those Crazy Labradors

    Hi to everyone, I dont get in here much, but Scout is doing well, she will be 4 next year, my gosh how time flies, will put some photos of her up when I get on the computer next. Hope you are all well
  6. Those Crazy Labradors

    Congratulations to you and your girls rubystar, you are doing awesome
  7. Those Crazy Labradors

    Hi everyone, don't get in here much, so I have lots to catch up on. Time o grab a and catch up
  8. Those Crazy Labradors

    Scout has been unreal, I never gave her enough credit. She has grown up so much since we had Marcus, don't know if it is that she is three now or if she knows she needs to be calm around him. She is pretty protective of the house now to, today someone stopped on their bike out the front of our house, they were fiddling around for a while, Scout watched for 2mins, then when they continued to hang around the front of our house she started to growl as if to say move along please
  9. Those Crazy Labradors

    here's my cute photo for the day :D
  10. Those Crazy Labradors

    Aww bless... so adorable.
  11. Those Crazy Labradors

    These pictures even got a gasp out of Mr BM. So cute Mikelli
  12. Those Crazy Labradors

    Happy birthday Archer Time just flies by. I remember us all waiting for our dogs when they were puppies, seems like yesterday
  13. Those Crazy Labradors

    to another calendar
  14. Those Crazy Labradors

  15. Those Crazy Labradors

    TOO many cute puppies in here. I need to hide