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  1. I used it. 12 month implant lasted 2 years, dog did go on to sire a litter. I have now used it again in an older male dog whom I don't want to GA and desex. Chances are his testosterone won't ever come back up if he is still around after the implant wears off. I would only use it if you have collected or if you don't care if the dog is fertile afterwards. There is a chance thier fertility won't come back after it. I did a topic on it in here a number of years ago now
  2. Thank you yes I probably could. Shall chase these up. Thank you
  3. I have recently acquired a Mini Poodle. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with where I could get some waterproof coveralls to stop her legs getting soaked by wet grass on toilet stops when it's raining/wet.
  4. Hux went 750kms to his new home today. So far he seems very happy and loves his new brother
  5. Oh his marking/ drive for a bitch etc was markedly reduced
  6. My Whippet ended up super soft and hard to train because of it. Normally he is pushy and bounce and wirks longer and hard than any of my dogs. When he had this he was super soft. I once accidentally stepped on his toe when I sent him for a jump but he missed the cue. It took me 6 weeks to get him near a jump with me anywhere near him. Once the implant wore off it was business as usual. This is why he will never be castrated unless medically necessary..
  7. Glad it has helped. Seems the info they give out has changed somewhat over the years.
  8. Just thought I would let you know that Hux has gained around 5kgs, has filled out and gained lots of muscle and has cover but still a lean mean running machine. All his vet work is done. He has been creature tested and passed with flying colours - and tested with Roo's accidentally and was amazing. So now he is looking for his new home. I adore him and will miss him but will love to see him in his perfect home
  9. Yep I will keep it pretty simple. He has filled out a little so we are on the right track. He wasn't starved so isn't in terrible scrawny condition, he does need extra cover but doesn't need to build muscle frim scratch as well. His tummy has been good thus far so hopefully that continues.
  10. No I didn't see a link. Will go back and look. Not so good at this new phone DOL. He does spend time with family. He is locked up after eating. He has currently been on Optimum and Advance and not having any tummy issues. I will order different food, but it will take time. I am in a remote regional area.
  11. He is underweight, he has been underfed not starved, so he has muscle but needs more cover. His coat does look shiney. Apparently any food that doesn't agree gives him the squirts. Finding out exactly what he has had is not easy. My understanding is he can have supercoat, has had Alert with no issues (horrible stuff) and had Black Hawk no worries. Can't eat tinned food - no biggy, I think they have tried Chum and Pal - shudder. He got liquid poo on chicken frames minced, but was fine on raw beef. As he is a foster it will work best if I can feed him on a dry food reasonably readily available here. Those are Black Hawk, Advance, Natural Balance, Nutro and the Stocky stuff like Bonnie etc. I currently have him on Optimum and beef mince which is the closest I had to what he is used to being fed. I will change him over onto a higher quality food over the next little bit. He was getting around 3 cups of Supercoat large breed and 500gms mince a day. So just not enough food for him. I have been feeding him twice a day starting at 3 cups each meal and will put up to 4. I will try adding frames etc once he has settled in a little. I find often changing too much at onc He has an elevated food bowl, not really high but makes eating easier. He is in a kennel after eating so no worries about keeping him quiet afterwards. He isn't too highly strung in that respect.
  12. I tried to do photos but need to squish them. I have an app so will do it in a bit. Apparently he couldn't tolerate minced frames. He has been eating Beef mince with no worries. He isn't a gutz. Eats methodically but not quickly. Yep know about not feeding when hot etc. More along lines of if you feed dry should you add water, max amount of food per meal and elevated food bowls etc. I haven't had any bloat prone dogs for a number of years so haven't kept abreast of the latest ideas.
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