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    Showing and breeding shetland and miniature ponies, and now we have our new baby boxer 10 week old Angus
  1. Puppy Eating Poo

    Hello Im new to the forum. We have just brought our very first boxer puppy he just 10 weeks old and hes just lovely,Im in the mist of potty training and thats been a bit hairy at times but we are getting there, its been a long time since i have had a puppy running around again but well worth it. My question is why would my puppy be eating his own poo and he thinks it just yumo.. YUK... will he stop eating it and another quick question we have chooks and i have spotted him eating the chook poo too and i have growled at him to leave it but i know he has had some, it wont upset his tummy or make him sick will it... Thankyou