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  1. Dry Food - Which Is The Best?

    hi i use advance for both my pup and my cat. they are both doing realy well on it and it is easy to find!
  2. 9 Week Old Lab Meets Fully Grown Doberman...

    Hey, I when my german shepherd puppy was 9 weeks old I introduced him to my Golden retriever who lives at my mums place in another town! The golden retriever is good with puppys so we just introduced them in the backyard no leads. He knocked my pup over with excitement but there was no damage done to the pup and the pup was a bit scared a first just because he was so much smaller then him but they got along great. The next visit was a couple of weeks later and they played allll weekend. My pup is now 5months old and sees his new friend regularly and they are yet to have a fight. great friendS!!
  3. Snooza Beds

    Hey i have a snooza bed for my shepherd too. Its a large one and i also throw polar fleece blankets on top of the bed to keep him warmer($3 from the reject shop!) He is 5 months old and still hasnt torn it apart! he loves his bed! his is just the simple heshian ones!
  4. Brother And Sister Labs Arriving In Sept

    True but she wasnt asking for anyones opinions on having two puppies. She was simply asking about sleeping arrangements and what to do with them during the day!
  5. Brother And Sister Labs Arriving In Sept

    woweeee.. lots of bickering.. haha.. If you want to do this and are prepared for it i say good on you!! The classes im taking my pup too also allows children to train and approach the other puppys in class if the owners feel the dogs are up to being handled by children. I would get your children to feed the pups. Ive found that whoever feeds them is who they are closest too, respects more and listens to more! Also gives the power to the kids over the puppies too! from what i can remember i had the most responsibility for my pup when i was younger! the 1st couple of nights he slept inside in my room and there was a few accidents through the night but no big drama! puppies are huge responsibilities but its not rocket science to own and look after one so good luck with your adorable puppies im sure they will at times frustrate the hell out of you but it doesnt last long!
  6. Brother And Sister Labs Arriving In Sept

    Hi cocosonni, I was 12 years old when my parents let me get a male golden retriever and he wasn't as bad as everyones making them out to be. At 12, I had him listening to every word I said and following me around everywhere. He responded to a child training him and feeding him very well and respected me also. So with you supervising your kids im sure they will be quite adequate in caring for lab puppies. And i also have a german shepherd pup now and yes he is a terror but with the right amount of care and training they will be fine to live with. You didnt ask if you should be getting two pups you were asking about sleeping arrangements etc. So, do you want the dogs to be inside or outside dogs? If inside all their lives I would crate train from word go. If an outside dog I would be getting them outside right now. Yes it is cold but there are blankets and jackets to keep them warm. My shepherd was outside the first night i got him in a cardboard box and yeh he winged all night but the next night he was perfect not a sound out of him! anywayz hope that helps.
  7. Oils For Dogs

    Hey, I am thinking about giving my pup fish oil and/or evening primose oil for his skin, coat and joints. Can I use human grade vitamins from the chemist or supermarkets or is there ones specifically for animals?
  8. Naughty Puppy

    yeh we have him doing eye contact with us. I've moved to a more distracted area than in the backyard but no way would he look at me while there is a dog about. but persistance and patience may be the key to him improving!
  9. Naughty Puppy

    the teacher just says ohh hes a typical german shepherd and tells us to distract him with food which works some of the time in class but not out in the real world. im only 20 yrs old and am a uni student in wagga so i dont have any friends who actually own dogs. the ones he sees and plays with are from another town where i come from (even though we are there nearly every weekend). theres a fair few dogs and owners that walk by our place i am thinking of getting him out in the front yard a few times a day (all fenced in) and see how that goes at calming him down! he is getting so strong when he pulls i can hardly handle him! he is perfect when there isnt dogs around, very obedient!
  10. Naughty Puppy

    yes he is still socialised with them. he plays with a golden retriever, jack russel, poodle, border collie, blue healer and lots of other dogs quite regularly. And i live at Wagga Wagga, so out in the country! I dont think he is being aggressive towards the dogs he is barking at i think he just wants to play with them and sniff them.
  11. Naughty Puppy

    Hey everyone, I have a 20 wk old german shepherd pup. He was taken to puppy pre-school when he was 9 weeks old for 4 weeks and did really well sociallising there. He is now attending obedience classes and is terrible. He is very obedient at home and listens quite well to commands and as soon as there is another dog around he doesnt listen to anything i say and continuously barks at them. He has been well socialised with dogs and humans so why is he barking all the time. When i walk him around the block if a dog comes up he pulls to get towards them and barks and barks until they are no longer in sight. i have tried to distract him with treats but he isnt interested. Is this something he will grow out of? Is it because he is going through the frightening stage of life? Any suggestions would be great!
  12. hey why is it bad to feed a pup too much protein. and whats a good amount for them to have?
  13. Except you often can't tell how different or better a dog's condition would be unless you try better brands. Sometimes the consequences of living on crap food don't show up till later and then sometimes you're just lucky. I don't see how anyone could argue that a dry food filled with most filler and grains is the best option for their dog *when you know better*. yeh true but my parents also have a jack russel who has been fed pedigree his whole life too and he is 18 years old and has nothing wrong with him. Im not saying pedigree is the best option I'm just saying that you cant say what will work best until you try it. I've heard many stories of people who's dogs are on the best premium food and it just doesnt work for them. You have to keep an open mind on whats going to work best for your particular pup. My german shepherd is on Advance now and I like it, it works for him. But obviously the pedigree is working for my other dogs who are getting to a fair age and have nothing physically wrong with them. The last time my retriever went to the vet he said he was in perfect condition.
  14. i think the best food is what works for your dog. I know pedigree isn't the best quality, but my golden which I bought when I was 12 has been fed this since I got him. I didnt know other brands existed when I was that young. But now my boy is 8 years old and as young as ever. He plays around with my german shepherd pup like he was a pup again. SO its hard to say which brand they will do best on.
  15. Itchy And Skinny

    hey everyone, I have contacted the breeder and they have said his weight is just a growth issue and that he is fine and his skin may be related to a coat change. Alll sorted. thanks.