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  1. http://www.choosecrueltyfree.org.au/ For a list of cruelty free beauty products Lovely video thanks for posting it
  2. I will keep an eye out for her.. There are a few dogs that I have seen wandering in Orange but none that match her description. Fingers crossed you find her.
  3. I have just finished the novel "The art of racing in the rain" by Garth Stein. The book is told from the POV of the elderly dog Enzo, talking about his life with his family. I cried, lots, but happy tears as well as sad. Lovely book I also enjoyed "Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin. She seems to understand animals in a way no one else has.
  4. That was awesome, it made me laugh. Tyson looked so pleased with himself chasing the "bad guy" off
  5. I asked someone at the Chadstone branch and they said that the Lort Smith part was staying. Not sure about the other stores though. No one lost their jobs in the buyout though so that was good. And it looks like dog food might be cheaper as you buy 9 and get the 10th bag free (of the same size and brand) if you are a member of their "club"
  6. How old is the puppy? If they have only had them for a week or two then maybe the breeder had insurance and it is still valid? A long shot I know
  7. There is the Brighton Beach dog park http://tinyurl.com/y882dq2 It is a triangle of sandy beach that has been well fenced off. It gets pretty busy on the weekends but my dogs love it. You can also walk along the foreshore, but on a leash.
  8. Hoffpig, this might help http://www.dogzonline.com.au/about.asp
  9. Abrham Appollo Armand Bailey x 3 Balou Bandit Banjo Bardigrub Bart Barton Baxter Bear x2 Benji Benny Billy Bing Bluey Boxer Brady Brock Brockie Brody Bronson Bruce Bud Bundy Caramel Carl Champ Charlie x 4 Chevy Chip Coco Cooper Cowan x 2 Cuba Danny Darcy x 2 Dashx2 Deakin Dean Declan Delgado Diablo Diesel Digby Digger Dinky Douglas Dumas Dylan Eddie Elijah Edge Esky FlashBazil Frank Gandor Greedy Hail Harley Harrison Henry Hudson Ivan Jack x 1 Jake Jasper x 2 JayDee Jethro Jett Jordan Joshua Judd Juggie Kahn Kaiser Kasper Kaos Kiba Kei Kippy Kisho Kyzer Leroy Lestat Logan Luca Lukas MacKenzie Max x 3 Maxie Mel Merlot Merry Milky Milosh Minook Mistral Mr Darcy Nammu Nigel Noah Nova Nudge Nugget Onslow Oz Payton Piikki Porsha Punch Quick Raffy Ralph Randy Reeve Rex Riku Riley Ripley Rocks Rolly Rove Rover Roy Jones Jnr Rupert Rusty Sam Scout Scratch Shadow Silas Snitch Sonny Speed Spencer Spike Sport Spud Sterling Storm Swanky Tazz x 2 Teddy Tey Dog Thunder Tiger Tirra Toby Tub Tusca Tye Tyson Ulf Wags Walker Watson Weave Willy Woody Zac Zedley Zephyr Zeus
  10. My first puppy wasn't really that interested in food, we were finding that she was leaving the kibble. Then I read somewhere (probably on DOL!) that dogs don't really go on the foods taste but rather its smell. I have since used a little warm water over the kibble, just enough to moisten it and release that foody aroma, and she is much happier eating it.
  11. I have found them very good as well. One time the 13kg packet of Artemis for cats were sold out so I ordered 2 7kg packs. The woman phoned me that evening and asked if I would prefer one 13kg bag as she had found one in stock and would be cheaper. Very good service! My cat has got down to a good weight after being on Artemis for a year.
  12. Humans generally tend to get tendonitis and bursitis from doing repeated fine movements of muscles and tendons (and hence the bursae that surround these tendons) using parts of their body that were originally designed for much larger movements. eg typing a lot can inflame tendons/nerves and sheathes of the wrist and hand. These areas were originally for weight bearing, or simple grasping. In humans bursitis is characterised firstly by pain and then by limited range of movement later on. I can't speak for its incidence in dogs but I believe dogs tend to hide pain if at all possible so you may only notice the bursitis/tendonitis once it gets to the limiting range of movement stage. Also I guess they may be less likely to get it due to them not using a keyboard, but I am just assuming that :D
  13. Puppy pre-school for my dog was organised through my Vet and was about $85 for three nights. This was in Melbourne so may be different where you are. It was held at the vet's place and were given talks on basic dog care while the dogs got to play. My dog loved it.
  14. I was searching for information about Dog training groups and came across this thread. We have just signed up with ADT in Oakleigh and it is reassuring that at least two people have recommended them. One thing I have taken away from the information sessions that I have been to is that other than socialising your dog, most dog training centres really focus on training the humans as it is us that can confuse our dogs during their training. That is certainly what I need as Lucy (4mth beagle) is the first dog I have lived with since I was a child.
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