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    Its all turned full circle - just like groundhog day :)
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    Koolie dogs and Arabian horses
  1. The Official January Photo A Day Challenge

    Wow some of these are amazing, love the sunrises lea and PPS I have been busy visitors and other stuff but here are today's and yesterdays
  2. The Official January Photo A Day Challenge

    Took hundreds today but i am tired and I like this one
  3. The Official January Photo A Day Challenge

    ;) wow this is really inspirational over a 100 degrees today but I have been busy got two/ three :D again cant decide someone elses dog for a change Cloudscape And a very hot Parrot
  4. The Official January Photo A Day Challenge

    Nature ones for me today and thanks very for the coments on the Sunset it is hard here to find a subject for the forground because of the Mulga everywhere. I think this is a great idea thanks Ash for setting it up for us Dunno why I like this one I just do
  5. The Official January Photo A Day Challenge

    May I join in I am on holidays so have some time? Yesterday
  6. Ch Tykabul Quite Amazing

    Goodbye Benny. I am sure that you are at the bridge now and pain free once more. Thank you for being the first dog Amy ever took in the ring (you will ever be a hard act to follow and I hope her benchmark in years to come), and thanks for being such a good sport when she showed you like a pointee Your name said it all mate. Quite amazing & the most awesome breed representative. Warls you know our thoughts are with you all.
  7. Diane Gunn-scarcella

    So Sorry and our Sympathies to all who loved her, a wise and caring lady indeed
  8. Aussie Pics

    Hi Guys havent posted for ages but all the pups look gorgeous, Titan had a bath yesterday and looked so nice I took a couple of head shots - just as well I did as this morning he has been swiming in the big water dish so here he is clean for a minute
  9. The Choppa Dog

    RIP Beautiful boy I hope the little ones heart mends with precious memories to help
  10. Aussie Pics

    My gorgeous Ti hoggin Biancas Kong
  11. Afghanistan Soldiers Mourn ‘andy’

    Poor Andy and his mates RIP and please dont hate all people for your senseless deaths You had no choice whether to go to a filthy war you should of been home in Aus working sheep
  12. Aaaargghhh!

    :D How will you cope I can send you my second one if you want Vickie???
  13. Aussie Pics

    Baby Bianca looking like a supermodel Baby Bianca looking like a feral but happy puppy
  14. Trez

    Night night mate rest in peace as you couldn't in life. Hugs for you Pandii