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  1. Seriously Willem what is your problem? It was a tiny gap, that may very well have been filled before that day but rain could have washed away some dirt or a rock was moved....who knows? More than likely, like a normal person, the owner would have thought that hole was TOO SMALL to be a concern. Once again, would you like to show us the covered concrete bunker you must obviously keep your dogs in because I fail to see how something couldn't get moved or a small hole dug any other way. Obviously people are only human and we're not all perfect dog owners like yourself And don't even start on that powerful dog BULLSHIT! Jesus H Christ......just because a dog is big does not automatically make is a danger to society. Tendons can be severed by any breed.....
  2. ...in this source from another angle; I don't call this a sound fence to contain powerful dogs, however, I don't know how it looks from the inside. If there is nothing that would hinder the dogs from digging their way through it is definitely not suitable. so your dog is contained in an escape proof yard? Yes, please show us the fort knoxs you have created to keep your dog 100% safe from everything that could possibly happen.
  3. That is a massive colour bond fence, how much more do people have to do to keep their dogs away from people? That tiny hole is way too small for a Malamute to get through or easily stick it's head out. I would assume that would be more than enough to protect my dogs.
  4. Have you seen their fencing? It looks pretty damn good to me. That tiny little hole barely looks big enough for a Malamutes muzzle
  5. Well that's you. I sure as hell wouldn't. There would have to be a way to find out at the time, like a DNA swab maybe, surely the police were involved in this case? I don't know. Maybe I'm way off here.... But there is no way I'd take the life of two innocent dogs on a maybe. Something is clearly being omitted here or the council would be all over this, and rightly so. I'm just saying it would be intelligent to stay impartial because we all know how the media love to twist the truth.
  6. I'm not saying anything about this situation is OK, I'm stating that the articles are vastly different from one another and that it is strange. FFS....there is clearly something not being said by the media here otherwise the dog would be PTS straight away. And if they don't know which dog did it, bow are they going to put down the right animal?
  7. I agree, something is really off here compared to the original. Poor kid
  8. Lord no! Imagine the germs It's fairly simple, if they don't make the store easy for me to access when I have my dogs with me, I'll just take my business elsewhere and buy online.
  9. I talk to mine all the time, appologise, say please and thank you and then have full conversations with them. I don't think the Havanese or Labrador understand but I'm starting to wonder about the Samoyeds and the Shiba :laugh:
  10. Seriously......another one!? Good lord, you entered into an agreement, STICK TO IT! What happened to people honoring their word? Why did you think it was ok at the time but not now? 17 months old is not too young for a mating, he will not be milked for his sperm (really......really??) he will be mated and you will have him back in no time. He's not exactly going to suffer..... I fail to see what the actual issue is here aside from you not sticking to your word.
  11. Not sure my samoyeds would be very comfortable in a trolley.....although I'd pay to see SSM stuff the IW in a trolley lol
  12. It's illegal to leave your children home alone but not your dog. Really? I had no idea..... You can always get someone to watch the kids. Look I'm just throwing back the same silly things people are throwing at me. I am fully aware of the fact that it's illegal to keep children at home, unsupervised at a certain age. That is not an excuse however to have badly behaved children who aren't under control in a public space. I feel exactly the same way about dogs. Train in to be polite and under control in public or don't bring it out. It's very simple.
  13. My dogs are fine and I know they're safe with children however yes, I do expect people to have their children under control because that's the responsible thing to do. And yes, it's true that children take longer to mature but their parents are mature and if they aren't able to keep an eye on their children then the same argument can be used for the dogs. Why are they there? It's a two hour round trip for me to go anywhere so I won't apologise for needing to combine a few errands when I need too. This thread just reminds me of why I am so desperate to move away from this backwards country....
  14. For those of you who are saying you wouldn't take your dogs to Bunnings or see why others should, you don't live out of town do you? Some of us do however and sometimes we have our dogs with us and it gets bloody hot. So yes, I will take my very well trained dog into Bunnings so it doesn't die in the heat and yes I also expect parents to control their children the way I control my dogs. Fair is fair.
  15. Oh my god....seriously, cut the passive aggressive, spoilt brat shit and actually look at what people are telling you. No one has an issue with the fact that you don't like breeders terms LOADS of others don't like it, but they did the intelligent thing and refused breeders terms when buying a pup. You however didn't want to wait and took a deal you aren't happy with and now your bitching and moaning about it, claiming the breeder has somehow done you wrong, when in fact it's the other way around. Grow up, accept responsibility gracefully, like a damn adult, quit your bitching and GET OVER IT!!! You and others like you are why I quit breeding. The stress is just not worth it.
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