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  1. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone else has had this with their dogs when going for a coat blowout at the groomers. My boy is a spitz so he does drop a lot of coat. I have been taking him once or twice a year to a groomer I have been very pleased with to get this done. Have always been pleased with his coat. This last time, I noticed lots of scabby material sporadically throughout his entire coat. They were not there beforehand. As he has such a thick coat I have to do daily checks through his fur to make sure no prickles or grass seeds embed themselves into his coat.... so I am very aware of the condition of his coat on a daily basis. Has anyone had this? I was thinking that maybe the blowout was done too roughly this time...ie. pulling out the fur in clumps(?).Or maybe the shampoo is too harsh for his skin? I did notice 2 different people working there I hadn't seen before. Now Im feeling reluctant to take him back. Its been several weeks now....and the skin is getting back to its original condition. Wanting thoughts of what may have caused this. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Kylie
  2. Oceangirl


    No responses from Keeshond owners and breeders yet? Would love to know more about the Keeshond
  3. So sorry for your loss Owey
  4. Love it! Or Maltifrugs! :) Love it!! OK..... or French Mugs! (AKA French Bullmugs!!) :p They are WAY TOO cute!!
  5. Love it! Or Maltifrugs! :) Love it!! OK..... or French Mugs! (AKA French Bullmugs!!) :p
  6. Hi Sheena, I don't use mine on the carpet....except for 1 rug. It seems to work fine on that... but I don't know if it really has enough suction to really get the dog hair off a big carpetted area. Ill trial it for you on carpet in the next couple of days and let you know :) ...and how much it's capacity is too please Oceangirl. :) Hi Sheena, I tried the Roboking in my bedroom- it DID pick up a lot of hair but also left visible hair that I would have expected to be collected. I then needed to go over the area AGAIN with my Elextrolux (which is awesome to use just for quick spot cleans when I don't want to get the Dyson out). So.... if it were my money, I wouldn't spend it on the Roboking if I was wanting it to clean up mostly carpetted areas. Capacity.... dustbin looks about the size of a margarine container. I can't find specific volume for this in the manual. I clean it every day.... but it is usually only about 1/4 full. :)
  7. Hi Sheena, I don't use mine on the carpet....except for 1 rug. It seems to work fine on that... but I don't know if it really has enough suction to really get the dog hair off a big carpetted area. Ill trial it for you on carpet in the next couple of days and let you know :)
  8. Still loving my Roboking. I do have the red one ($680 from Harvey Norman). Just had to sort out a couple of troubleshooting problems (like not leaving electrical cords out for it to get trapped amongst, and raising our couches on little feet cushions- Roboking was getting stuck underneath). Also heard a 'horror story' through a friend about somebody having a dog that was not toilet trained- the dog left a nice surprise in the house- the robot vacuum then smeared the offending pile throughout the house Would not want to come home to that! So I check the floor before setting the timer for it. I am currently putting my roboking on at night. My dog is now adjusted to it also, so I can still put it on when he's in the room. Don't know how I managed before without one
  9. It's not very loud at all. I think some of the other models are a lot louder. There is a youtube video comparing the sound of various robot vacuum cleaners, and Roboking was the quietest. It does go over different surfaces, but I mainly use it on floorboards and tiles (where the dog fur is more noticeable). It also goes over the rug (I think the height of rug has to be less than 8mm?). I'll try it on the carpet tomorrow. I empty it out every day but it hasn't been full yet(but I've only had it 2days!!). I only have one small-medium size spitz dog that drops fur. The poodle doesn't drop his fur. So maybe a bigger dog or multiple pets would fill it up. I will still be using the regular vacuum cleaner every week for a thorough clean (ie. to get into all the corners of the house). The Roboking is awesome for a maintenance clean throughout the week, and you can even slack off whilst cleaning is done (this morning I ate breakfast whilst it worked) Hehe.... Cheeky Monster... I WISH it did car seats too. I would love to find an automatic cleaner that can do that too :D
  10. We just bought the LG Roboking. So far it is amazing. With my gorgeous spitz boy, my electrolux vacuum cleaner gets a daily workout once-to-twice a day. Still, it is a constant battle keeping the floorboards fur-free. I LOVE my dog and his fur more than I hate the fur on the floorboards, but not all the family feels this way. Now we have the roboking. AMAZING... can just put it on timer and it will clean the room whilst we are at work. So I don't have to worry about whether I will get home before my family to give the floor a quick clean. LOVE IT
  11. I have been looking at getting a lifejacket for my boy for sometime, We love going down to the beach and also to visit some lakes at nearby parks. He is getting bolder in terms of goiong close to the water. to the point that he actually went for a swim the other daY. Got me thinking thst a lifejacket might be useful. Has anyone got asvise/ info/ thoughts regarding lifejackets? Any info and feedback would be greatky appreciated, Cheers, Sami's mum :)
  12. Group 5 is definitely my favourite group!! As a youngster, our family HAD to go to the Royal Show when Group 5 was showing. It is still my preference. Most of our dogs have been from Group 5. Having said that, I have now discovered Group 7.... only because I have fallen in love with spitzes. Then again.... maybe my dog has some lappie blood also
  13. Just over 3 years for me. When I lost my gorgeous girl (border collie) I just wanted HER back. I didn't want any other dog if I couldn't have her. It would have been the wrong time for me. I still enjoyed spending time with other people's dogs. I went to dog shows, went dog sledding, did a sheepdog herding day, went to sheepdog trials etc.... I then started looking after friends dogs when they went away. It then got to the point where I thought that I could not stand to be without a dog anymore. I started looking around for my new friend, but it was another year or so before I got him. So I got my new dog approx 3 yrs after my girl. I'm sure that I would have been ready at least a year earlier than that. Now I would love a 2nd dog!! I don't know how I went 3 yrs without any dogs!!
  14. Georgia Karajas from Paw Prints Pet Training :D
  15. Will you be able to collect it from anyone on the book order list? If you can arrange pickup, then yep no worries you can get in on our order Hi RS, I am north of the river so can collect it easily from someone from the list if they live nearby. Alternatively, any excuse to travel further to catch an agility meet is easily done ;)
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