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  1. Maybe he was expecting a higher standard of behaviour/care given she is a registered breeder. It sounds like the rescue followed the rules, and the dogs ended up in a much better environment.
  2. Great idea - http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/cutestuff/91098005/pups-enjoy-offleash-access-to-auckland-swimming-pool
  3. Apologies if this info has already been posted, but this is the other side of the story - I was initially aghast at the thought of these two staffies not being returned to their owner, but please have a read of this and you might change your mind - it was from the FB page of All Over Staffy Rescue (1.3.17) - There are some good times in rescue, and there are certainly some bad. Lately the more ugly side of the rescue world has been present for us. Since all previous attempts at providing factual evidence have been blocked, quite literally, we thought we might share them here, where we get to set the record straight without being denied access, and without having our words twisted by someone who does that sort of thing for a living. As most of you know, we routinely rescue death row dogs from pounds up and down the eastern seaboard, bring them to Melbourne, vetwork them, and then find them new loving families. We have amazing relationships with many people in the rescue world who know the work we do, and the hard cases we take on when nobody else is willing. We stay away from the catty, or should that be bitchy, people and focus on saving dogs. At least until those people get hold of a half story, concocted by someone wanting to make a name of herself, and begin attacking our rescue without knowing any of the facts. We get hate campaigns when former owners stir up the anti-rescue show dog breeders and don't bother correcting the assumptions of certain hateful people who aren't bothered with contacting us for the facts first. This is after the aggressive, intimidating phone calls of some big shot interstate lawyer woman whose favourite line is "Google me and check out who I am and who you're dealing with". Well....I'm told people have Googled her, and allegedly she ran for Mayor but didn't get in. She has threatened us with legal action, hurled insults and demanded we provide the details of people who have adopted some of our dogs. You see the dogs she wants to get from us are now in loving, amazing homes. We regularly get photos and videos to prove it. We see how they're now at a healthy weight, and growing back their coats. We see them smiling and running around at the beach, or swimming in dams. What we don't see any more is their ribs poking out, their coat half missing and their sad, scared eyes that they had when they first arrived here. That is all gone now, so we know we have changed their lives for the better. Yet this lawyer woman, who could be anyone for all we know, claims they came from a loving home, that they were cherished pets, and that their owner actually tried to find them when they ran away from her. Yep, a beloved family pet ran away from its owner the first chance it got. A dog she claims had to travel because it was too sick to leave at home. And they had to get motorbikes to chase it. This dog that was so sick it had to stay with the owner while she was on holidays, it couldn't be caught by motorbikes. What actually happened was that these dogs ended up in a pound, did their 14 days and were released to us for rehoming. The owner was visiting the town and left the area after 5 days, without her dogs. Left the very same town the pound was in. Left, and went back home without these beloved dogs. One of the dogs, a 5 year old, was never in her name. We were told 2 days ago by the ranger that if we hadn't taken them, they would have been destroyed at the pound. They would be long dead by now, because they were unclaimed after 14 days. It happens all the time, and that's just one of the reasons we are constantly saving poundies. When a dog does their time in the pound and aren't claimed, they become the legal property of the pound, to do with as they see fit. When a dog gets released to a rescue group, it becomes the property of the rescue. When a dog is rehomed, it becomes the legal property of the new owner. All standard fare. Pretty sure nobody would be screaming if they weren’t purebred dogs. We’ve even been accused of asking for their papers by someone who has no idea of either side of the story. Never happened. We could care less about a desexed purebred’s papers. We usually don’t even bother passing them to the new owners, because they don’t care either. Now make no mistake, we follow our morals, and our primary concern is ALWAYS the welfare and happiness of the dog. We aren't in rescue for money or friends, so if we thought for a nanosecond that the dogs were better off with the original owner, we would be having discussions with the parties involved about returning them and seeing if that was a possibility. Since they arrived in such shocking condition and we have done nothing wrong legally, we support and protect the adopting families, shield them from the haters and continue on with our lives. These days, if you've got no legal leg to stand on, the next best thing is a social media hate campaign, right? Of course we have been repeatedly threatened by this lawyer with such campaign. She's even told us that if she files in court, someone will get paid $50 to get the story in the media. This is a woman who herself originally stated in writing that the former owner had no case (we have proof), but she has since turned around and began harassing & attempting to intimidate AOSR staff, their partners, and people's workplaces. We will probably never know what she's trying to accomplish, but the fact of the matter is that the dogs are no longer the legal property of the original owner. Another fact is the oldest dog was bred 4 times in her 4 years of being alive. Want more facts? She had to have 2 caesareans because the puppies were getting stuck in her uterus. More? The mother had 'uterus issues' from the 2nd litter. She went on to have 2 more 'accidental' litters. Apparently the male was chewing his way out of crates to get to her. Keep going you say? Ok. The owner is a registered breeder. She still has the male and another daughter of the oldest dog. But wait, there's more. I spoke to the owner on the phone for quite some time. The conversation was completely amicable, nobody was pissed off at anybody. The conversation ended with the previous owner stating that she was sad she didn't have her dogs anymore, but she was happy that they were both now desexed and in loving homes. She also requested that I keep her informed of how they are going, and send her photos (which I did). Doesn't sound like someone who really wants their beloved pets back and would go to the pound to find them now does it? In fact until she knew the dogs were desexed, she was offering me money to return them to her. After that, she didn't offer me any money or ask that they be returned. In fact she divulged all the above, that’s how we know. That and the vet’s invoice that states “difficult spey” because of the mess this dog’s insides were in. Now she's a lovely girl, and as far as I was aware the situation was resolved. Until lawyer lady did her turnaround. So there's the actual FACTS. The haters might spring up here & there, but we will ban and delete, just as they have done to us in their little showdog facebook group. Slander away, we have done nothing wrong and we are sure we’d be being dragged through the courts if we had. But watchout, we might consider getting our own legal advice if this hate campaign continues and dogs start dying because of it.
  4. Do you know what breed the dog is they are trying to rehome?
  5. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/guanaba/dogs-puppies/besenji-female-free/1103515736
  6. Has anyone had tightrope surgery performed on their dog for cruciate repair? If yes, what was the outcome? Does anyone know of any vets who perform this surgery in the Brisbane (or greater) area? thanks
  7. I have emailed Beagle Rescue Qld but if anyone has any contacts here is the link http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/glass-house-mountains/dogs-puppies/castualan-beagle/1075261668
  8. If anyone is able to carry out a property inspection for Goldie Rescue, in the Bellbowrie area, would you please email them on [email protected] - this is a potential home for one of their golden oldies :crossfingers: Thanks in advance
  9. Maybe try this group - https://www.facebook.com/AustralianDeafDogRescue
  10. Try this group - http://www.startingoverdogrescue.org.au/
  11. This is one group - http://www.furkidsanimalrescue.com.au/ - and another is http://4pawsanimalrescue.org.au/ I haven't fostered for them, but I know they take in a lot of little/smaller dogs. 4paws is based on the sunshine coast but I'm assuming they would have foster carers in brisbane
  12. This request from Sonja Coombes - Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue Can anyone give me recommendations for vets that work or are willing to work with Rescues in the Berowra/Hornsby NSW area and the Campbelltown NSW areas? The only reasonably priced vets i've found so far are too far away for my foster carers to access. Im based in QLD so my long distance enquiries are getting me no where. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you Sonja
  13. Don't know if this number is still valid - http://www.puppydogrescue.com/dog-breed-rescues/474-tibetan-spaniel-rescue-qld or send a pm to Mita - I think she does tibbie rescue
  14. Thanks for info - I eventually found the GSP rescue fb page and have been added as a member - so should reduce the number of phone calls/emails next time I come across a GSP needing a home :-) - Merlin has now gone into foster care - it was his second time on gumtree - apparently he's a lovely boy - just needs the right home.
  15. In today's Sunday Mail (Brisbane) - Online link has now appeared http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/two-dogs-are-better-than-one-says-owner-who-beat-one-pet-policy/story-fnihsrf2-1227109892646
  16. Thanks I will follow up tomorrow. Any success with this little dog?
  17. http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/article/0,,20867317,00.html Hector's last days were great ones. And his very last day is a memory his adoptive parents Roo and Clara Yori will hold tight in their hearts forever. "The sun was shining, the frogs were out for me to chase at the pond, and I had Roo and Clara to carry me off the trail when my legs just couldn't go any further," reads a Facebook post about the former Michael Vick dog's last day on earth, which his owners wrote on his behalf. "I called shotgun to assume my co-pilot position on the way to the vet, where I passed away surrounded by people who love me. I think my past life caught up with me and caused my time to come a little early. However, I can proudly say that I gave it everything I had all the way until the end." Hector's new beginning began at about 3 years old when he was plucked from football quarterback Michael Vick's dogfighting ring (Vick served 21 months in prison). Luckily for the pooch the timing was right and the Yoris were in the market for a new pup. They took the gentle giant home from the Bad Rap shelter in San Francisco in 2008. "I fell in love with him as a dog," Andrew "Roo" Yori told PEOPLE in 2010. "It was so obvious that he had scars that show what he's been through, but they were completely external. Inside, he was just like any other dog – he impressed me." Roo wasn't the only one. Certified as a therapy dog and having passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test twice, Hector visited nursing homes, hospitals and schools with Clara, where people young and old marveled at his sweet temperament. Hector savored his last days by taking walks, going to acupuncture appointments, celebrating Pit Bull Awareness Day on Oct. 25 and even dressing like a turtle for Halloween. He passed away on Monday from cancer, but those happy images are how Hector wants to be remembered. "Try not to be sad," reads Hector's last Facebook post. "Instead celebrate my life. While I wish I could have lived a little longer, I passed knowing I won the game that is my life."
  18. This male gsp is being given away - http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kingsthorpe/dogs-puppies/needs-a-new-home-wife-said-it-s-me-or-the-dog-/1060778006
  19. This is a giveaway in Brisbane - the dog has spent most of its life living with someone in a wheelchair http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/newmarket/dogs-puppies/mini-foxy-cross/1060692408
  20. Casino Pound has comp desexing - see point 2 under How to Adopt a Dog or Cat http://www.richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au/page/Community_Services/Companion_Animals/Casino_Pound_Lost__Abandoned_Animals/ ETA - I'm assuming Casino is regarded as Country
  21. Hi stressmagnet - that is a very generous offer, especially given your health issues. I have passed yr offer to a rescue group that I know was wanting to update their website. Will let you know what transpires. Take care - and very best wishes. MM
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