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  1. Just had out first success!! Evidently, I was "stuffing around too much" and worrying about hurting her. Lilli just learnt the open command in an hour. Wooo hooo... We tried it with peanut butter, smackos and her tablet. Five more days of tablets...so hopefully by the end my cheeky little monkey will have learnt a new trick and take her tablets without acting like a drama queen.
  2. Thanks all! Might just have to persevere with my little buckethead baby. Hopefully she'll still love me when it's all over. :rolleyes:
  3. We have "tried" to use the same technique soniq, but with less success and lots of wiggling and being silly from little missy.
  4. Yep that's the devilish Cav in question. The 1/4 of the tablet is quite tiny but she has some 6th sense and knows exactly what we're doing and locks her jaws. I was nearly in tears as she was trying to get away and carrying on with my partner holding her, last night. It took us almost an hour after she spat it out and carried on. I felt terrible even though it is for her own good.
  5. I had Lilli desexed last week and unfortunately she has an infection. The vet gave her some tablets to help clear it up but it is becoming a battle of the wills to get her to take the 1/4 tablet every morning and night. Not to mention the teeth marks in our hands. We even tried crushing it in her food but the litttle monkey found the tablet parts and spearted it from the food. Any advice on how to give tablets without the dramatics? :rolleyes:
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