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  1. Hey Tibbiemax, yes BBJ did a fantastic job with the photos, they're just so lovely....I also noticed that Bella and Leah have lots of similarities and forgot they had the same Sire, so thats exciting....bet Leah is also a happy, gentle, silly girl...not fussed by much? Bella is like this...she has such a different personality to Chester but they compliment each other in many ways & i'm so glad they're nothing alike to be honest..chalk and cheese. ...looking forward to seeing some Tashi photos..hows he been lately? Wiz's mum, sorry to hear DeDe had been ill....hopefully she's on the mend now and getting back to good health. Ok I took a couple more photos of the two the other day...
  2. Hey Tibbiemax, how have you been?!! Wow I havent been on for agggess again....finally jumped on here tonight and saw the photos of Leah and Nima you've posted and.....OH...MY...GOD, they are absolutely stunning shots!!!!! I cant get over how much they have grown! Sooo Beautiful! How is everything going with them and with doing the Shows? Alls excellent here, Chester and Bella are really well and Bella would be about 16 months old now and is such a gorgeous sweet little girl... here are a couple of shots taken about a month or so ago...(appologies for the huge file size too, dont know how to reduce it on here)....Chester and her are really good mates and she's just about as big as him now...
  3. Yes certainly do remember this thread.....you must have been singing for a little while tho Wiz's mum! I've had a bit of trouble logging on again, so havent been able to post back. Hows Miss DeDe and the doggy door progressing? Is she getting any better with it?
  4. Oh finally! For some reason i havent been able to log on to DOL for quite a while...very weird.Anyhow, I'm now back on, yay! Welcome Genna! Wow, the photo of your first boy is absolutely adorable, what a sweetie. I’m sure you’d have a few stories to tell having bred tibbies for the last 8 years! Looking forward to seeing photos of your current boy soon. Cheers
  5. Ok...Here are a few recent photos of my two crazy tibs, Chester & Bella ;D.... Bella is a hard one to catch on film....she either looks away... tries to eat the camera...pocks her tongue out... or rolls over for a wub on the belly!.... Still determined to get a decent standing head shot of her, so I will keep trying!
  6. Yeah I know...i'll hop to it & post some up very soon!
  7. Thanks you guys, they’re beautiful photos!! Love the stacked ones of Nima & Leah, Tibbiemax…..Nima looks incredibly confident & proud in those two pics doesn’t she, very regal ….and look at little Leah, awww she is as cute as a button!! She looks like she'll be a true natural in the ring, for sure.......& her light fluffy coat is devine…its such a rare light colour...just gorgeous. Wiz’s Mum, thanks so much for sharing your photos…De De is sooo beeewdiful!! She looks like such a sweet girl....oh I think Bella could give her a run for her money in the Betty Big Bum stakes too ……although Bella’s behind we call it her big “ba-doonki-doonk!” .... And as she is only 9 months this "ba-doonki-doonk" of hers has a lot more growing to do!… just hope the rest of her body catches up with it!
  8. Totally agree with Mita, just stunning Ish! Thank you sooo much for posting those pics, they are all seriously too cute for words…These have made my day, rolling through all those beautiful doggie shots.... I mean, who wouldn’t melt looking at them! I especially love this little pup...naaaawwww…. just having a grand old time!! Priceless shots. I have to attend one of the Melbourne shows soon, I am just dying to come along and watch some of the Tibs strut their stuff out there…..to be honest, I have never even met any other Tibbies except for when we picked up little Bella at Judy’s house back in March! I have never been to a Show & would love to know more about it… looks like a lot of fun & would be interested to watch and learn about what goes on....so if anyone could let me know when the next Melbourne show is on, I would be so appreciative!! Its amazing how Bella looks incredibly similar to Leah and Nima, a cross between the two of them….its unreal….I am still trying to get a good headshot of Bella to put on here to compare with.… but my photography skills need major improving and Bells either moves or try to lick/ bite the camera lens every time I’m anywhere near her with it..., errghhh, hehe… i'll keep trying though. Tibbiemax, haha, love it! Name suits you very well. Glad to know Leah is settling in...and congratulations on her winning at the Show, thats wonderful news!
  9. Awwww wow!! Look at Leah and Nima!! They are both sooo adorable, great photos! How is Leah going since you brought her home, is she settling in well with the others?...Sounds like she'll be a natural in the showring...Gosh that pic of Nima is stunning too, she is growing up so fast and is such a beautiful dog!
  10. Thanks Shep, yeah she's an adventurous one....the photo where she is looking into the water, she fell in about two seconds later. ...poor girl, she thought that she was looking at steady ground, but it was in fact dark moss over the water.....so she accidently jumped in...Actually, both Chester and her did the same thing at different times.....they were quickly retrieved straight afterwards of course!.....Sopping wet but still having a lot of fun. Oh thats Fantastic, Leah & Bella are half sisters!?? Thats very exciting!! ;) I cant wait till you guys bring her home!! hehe
  11. Thats great news about Leah, she's so beautiful, really looking forward to seeing pics and hearing stories of when she comes to live with you guys....I bet she's going to adore her new home with your family, along with lots of playtime fun with Elka, Tashi & Nima They are going to have an absolute ball I bet! Well, still without a fixed computer..but luckily was able to upload a couple of pics on this one i'm using at the moment....so here goes... These are a couple of Bella from a few weeks ago, while we were away camping..... Big Smiles! I'm happy.. but pretty knackered too. Look at me all the way out here! Hmmm...whats that in the water?
  12. : Oh thats such fantastic news about the new addition Shepmax!!! She looks absolutely adorable, you all must be very very excited & probably cant wait until the end of the month to take her home! How old will she be when she comes to live with you & does she have a name as yet? Nima is looking just gorgeous too! Wow she has really grown in the last few months since her last piccies, her tail especially, she is such a stunner! Bella is looking very similar to Nima now I think, only a little blonder...and yeah, dont worry, as soon as we have the puter fixed, i'll be uploading like a mad woman probably MissAloof, looking forward to seeing pics of your Buju soon!
  13. Yeah those Barrajy girls are pretty clever I reckon!! Gee Bella has grown up so much lately and is a lot fluffier, blonder & also losing her goggles too.....wish I could post some recent shots up of her, but our computer at home is being fixed at the moment, so hopefully in the next week or so i'll be able to post some pics back up.....She is nearly about as big as Chester, cant believe that. How are Nima & Tashi lately Shepmax? Nima would be having her first birthday soon, is that correct?
  14. Yes it was certainly a day I will not forget in a hurry! Escaping from the swimmer snake... oooooh I can just remember turning around & being confronted with this snake right in front of me......his body slithering & hovering over the top of the water & raising its head up at us about a metre away...scary stuff .....you dont realise how fast you can go when you're confronted by something like that......look out Thorpie! Oh another thing, I was soooo excited this morning for Bell Bell....the little girl has now learnt how to shake hands with me! I only started to teach her this trick last night, as Chester does the sit, drop, roll over, shake hands etc really well & I thought i'd try the same thing with Bella too, she's learnt the basic commands, sit & drop.....but takes a little longer to catch onto things we thought. Anyway, after about 5 minutes of practice last night, she was nearly about there with it....then suddenly this morning, I did a few more tries with a liver treat & saying, "Bella, sit...ok shake hands" and lightly touching the back of her leg until she lifted her paw up for me. And then suddenly...after one more try with the treat...she did it! After that, I didnt have to do much at all, just say the word, and her paw is stretched out to shake mine, looking eager for the treat at the same time. Pretty happy about that, as I didnt think she'd be so quick to catch on too. Good little girl.
  15. Thats awesome, well done Tash! Definitely good to know he'll alert you first & not try to get too close to it...have you had any snakes in your backyard before? We dont get any here in the Suburbs, but about two weeks ago we went camping and hiked up the mountain with the two dogs, & on the way down, we stopped for a second (whilst my Fiance was carrying Bella in his arms for a bit coz she was completely knackered!) & heard this rustling noise behind us....and yep, it was a snake, right behind us! Scared the absolute bejesus out of us but just slid right back up the tree.... We were pretty paranoid after that though, walking down the dirt track with the dogs on the lead right beside our legs.....both carefully eyeing the upcoming path & looking around, taking small steps but wanting to get back fairly quickly too! Also, a couple of years ago, we were swimming in a lake (my Fiance, Chester & I)..and I turned around in the water, just at that moment a black belly snake was swimming up towards us on the top of the water, bout a metre away!....I screamed at the top of my lungs & we all ran & swam out as fast as we possibly could....I dont know who was more scared though in the end, the snake or us! You do have to be so careful though with the pooches dont you.