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  1. Hello all just wondering if anyone had come across any literature (and happy to hear about personal experiences) regarding the potential side effects of home fragrance diffusers on dogs? many thanks!
  2. Hi Jamila Delta certified trainer here, who was in your shoes a few years back... I'd strongly recommend you look for Delta trainers in your area that you could shadow for a while in running their own puppy / adult classes. The idea is to eventually be in a position for them to let you run your own stream and use that for your video assignments.
  3. Mollymutt

    Absolutely right Karly.... even with delivery it's relatively cheap. They've confirmed they do not have a distributor down under anymore.
  4. Mollymutt

    Boronia I need to get private tuitions from you on online shopping!!! thank you very much indeed eta damn postage us a killer on petandcountrystore, which happens to have the ones I like!
  5. Mollymutt

    Does anyone know if this brand has been discontinued in Australia? Their website is down and most stockists seem to be out of stock...
  6. Dog Bed Recommendation

    New puppy!!!!! Another field, a lagotto or something else? back on topic, I love dog beds too.... 2 dogs here and 7 beds around the house Both Snoozas you mention have had great reviews in the past. We've had 2 Kramar ones (don't think they make them anymore) for 13 years now and they're still looking great after a cover change. We should receive next week a pair of Snooza buddy beds https://www.snooza.com.au/indoor-beds/buddy-bed to replace their night bolster beds... my guys seem to like having soft walled beds grey can snuggle into or rest their head over. i do like the idea of Orvis beds. Not really a bad as such, but mollymutt https://www.mollymutt.com.au/ does great covers. I stuff mine with old pillows and they seem pretty comfy!
  7. Schnauzer breeders

    Many thanks Sally! I'll pass these on
  8. Schnauzer breeders

    I know it’s a long shot but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable schnauzer (miniature) breeder in NSW? Obviously doing the necessary health tests, as well as breeding for nice temperaments. many thanks
  9. Lori Stevens Balance Harness

    Agree with what PK eloquently said! definitely interested in the balance harness (not to be confused with the Blackdog one!)... and thank you Corvus for raising a very good point about the fleece.
  10. Keeping Cars Cool At Trials/shows

    PK that's where I train in nosework. Glad I gave the sniff and go a miss as there's hardly any shade and it's going to be a scorcher of a day...
  11. Foster Dogs

    Lovely...... Random and naive question: is it a normal trait of kelpies to be so accepting of visitors / newcomers? Or are your lot just really well socialised?
  12. Put me down as interested, it will likely save me a trip to Wollongong. Another one in Sydney who's very interested Should we PM you?
  13. That's terrific! Now to try and convince my vet to go down that path....
  14. Bowls For Dogs With Long Ears

    I'm all for Kongs, bones and food dispensing toys, but as a spaniel person, I can confirm their ears will definitely get very messy in the process! I second Gretel's recommendation of getting snoods for eating. Road refreshers and spaniel bowls are great for water; just need to get the size appropriate to your dog.
  15. Running Dog Car Seat Cover

    I have that exact same one, and been using it for about 3 years now. The fabric seems hard wearing, the zippers are still going well (I had cheapies prior to this that would fall apart quickly) and it does its job at containing hair, sand etc... Very easy to put in or out when cleaning the car, or accomodating extra 2 legged passengers. The only downside is that it's a tad too big for my car (Ford Focus) and the sides (against the doors) tend to crunch up when one of mine tries to curl up in that corner. I usually have a mat / towel didn't so that it's cooler and slightly more comfortable than just the black cover. In short, happy with it and be best I've had over the years!