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  1. Herding Classes ?

    I would also be interested in hearding classes in the Hunter Valley
  2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Mine handles the Kelpie hair with no problems. I empty mine after each use, although its not always full.
  3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    I have set up the Stirling robot, as for cleaning it is as good as the roomba, a lot quieter, but my roomba would be about 7 years old so they have probably upgraded them by now. I have used the aldi one twice today and filled the dust bin up both times of which I was surprised. The mop only dry mops, so really useless, I was hoping not to have to use a mop. I will run it for the 60days satisfaction guarantee and than decide on whether to keep it.At this stage it is looking good.
  4. Aldi has the cleaner for $169, this one sweeps, vacuum, mop and UV sterilise's, comes with 3 yr warranty, On sale this morning
  5. House Fire

    Jelly, Daisy, Coco, Dexter, Gypsy and Babi
  6. This is the pic of Billy posted on FB page Lost Pets in NSW
  7. Storm Phobica

    Same with smooch, I am lucky I am home most of the time, I watch the weather forecast like a hawk now and act when the storm is about half a hour away. Several weeks ago we got a storm that wasn't forecast, it came through the night, I woke to the bed shaking before I heard the clap of thunder, Smooch was that bad I had to get him into bed, cover him up and hold him tight in a bear hug. I ended up with bruises on my arms from Smooch trying to get away. It was just too late to dress him.
  8. Storm Phobica

    We had a bad storm here late this afternoon, when the storm was about half a hour away I put the thundershirt and mut muffs onto Smooch also gave him a dose of Rescue Remedy, he survived the storm pretty well, he mostly lay on the floor next to me instead of trying to climb under the computer table. Finally a win.
  9. Dog Shoes

    I use the ruffwear grip tex boots, not too sure how good they would be on the beach, I think they would get sand in them and rub the dogs feet.
  10. Sounds like it could be FCE (spinal stroke) some dogs recover within min of it happening, some take months like my Smooch who took over six months and has never completly recovered from it. My vet said FCE is getting more and more common for some reason.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=686607348035342&set=a.172433719452710.42240.172426779453404&type=1&theater I like this guy
  12. The storm rolled in in the early hours of the morning, I wasn't expecting a storm and therefore wasn't ready for it. I did get Smoochies thunder shirt out a couple of days ago thinking I would soon need it. I managed to get the shirt onto him and drag him into bed with me all to no avail, Smooch was terrified. I ended up having him in a tight bear hug but every time there was a rumble he would shake that hard the bed was shaking also. Now have to find the Rescue remedy and have it handy although it doesn't make a lot of difference to him. I am so dreading the summer storms as the older Smooch gets the worse he seems to be getting with storms or any noise.
  13. Muzzles

    I have to use a muzzle on Smooch when he goes to the vet and also through the night as he likes to sneak to the bottom of the bed and lick his leg off a night. This is the one I use as they can also drink with it on. http://www.farmerswarehouse.com.au/product.php?productid=22552&cat=0&page=1
  14. Pet Insurance

    I was with Insurance Line, was happy with it for years until smooch turned 12 than his monthly premium more than doubled to $115 per month, could not afford this on a pension.
  15. Pet Id Tags

    We have these on all our dogs, they used to loose tags in a short time, these have been on them for a few years now. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DOG-TAG-ID-PET-NAME-LARGE-BRASS-GOLD-BUY-1-GET-1-FREE-/121071305053?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item1c3069815d