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  1. Yes, I've finally realised how hard breeding can be. I mean, it's always a lot of work, but when the puppies are healthy and happy it's lovely. I guess because things have always gone well, and I've never had any problems with past litters, I guess I took it for granted that things would always go well. This has been a bit of a tough reality check. It's actually made me think I will quit. I don't know. When little girl was sick and then died, I thought "I don't want to go through this again" ... but then at the same times, I was watching the other five pups today, and they were playing and wrestling, and they are at that "so cute" stage, that you can't help but smile at the fun they bring. Peter buried this little girl down beside where he buried her little sister, and the first shovel load of dirt unearthed a little plastic bone, and on the bone there was the imprint of two tiny little paw prints. It probably sounds a bit lame, but I'm choosing to take that as a little sign that the two babies are ok and happy over the rainbow bridge. Thanks everybody for the advice you have given me over the last few weeks. I know I don't come on this forum very often, but when I'm uncertain, I always come here because I value all of your experience.
  2. Darling little girl passed away a couple of hours ago
  3. Thanks everybody. I tried that Liz, but she has no interest in suckling on her mum. So it's the bottle or nothing. But I might try and see if she'll lap from a saucer as Saffioraire suggested
  4. Been back to the vet this morning. Looks like she may have a bit of a chest infection. Vet really isn't sure if she will make it Gave her an injection of antibiotics and saline under the skin. Got to keep her warm, try and keep her hydrated (both orally and with more saline injections), and see how she goes. I'm keeping her in with her litter mates, vet agreed that is probably best. Will only move her if it looks like she is gonna keep separating herself. If she stays with the other pups, they will keep her warm and comforted, but if not will put her with a hot water bottle. Fingers crossed
  5. Unfortunately the vet was called away today (family emergency), but I took her in so that the lady in the vet's office could at least have a quick look, take her temperature etc. Her mouth looks fine, and she doesn't have a temp. But her eyes are kind of mucky. Will take her back to the vet first thing in the morning. Should I sepearate her from the rest of the litter? Maybe put her in a box on her own with a hot water bottle?
  6. Ok, so as some of you may know, my cavalier had a litter of seven pups. We lost one pup at 9 days old. The remaining pups are currently 3 weeks and 2 days old. One of the pups is quite a bit smaller than the others, and I have been bottlefeeding her for the last week, as it seems that she was having a hard time getting a feed off mum, being pushed out of the road by her bigger brothers and sisters. She seems to feed really well from the bottle, and I was thinking she seemed to be doing ok. But now it seems she shows absolutely NO interest in feeding off her mum. Could that just be because she has gotten used to the bottle, and figures that she isn't going to try and fight to feed off mum because she will get the milk from the bottle? But what I'm more worried about is that today she seems to be separating herself from the rest of the litter. The puppies always sleep together in a bunch, and she has always done the same. In fact, she used to love being right in the middle of them all, which I assumed was because she was smaller, she was using their warmth. So every time she has finished her feed, and been toileted, we put her back in between her littermates. But today, whenever we check on them, she has wandered off on her own. The other five will all be sleeping together, but she will be sleeping off by herself. I believe it is the puppy doing this herself. I don't think her mum is moving her away. Any thoughts?
  7. I got up at 3.30 to feed her and she was still hanging in there, but died about 2 hours later. I was thinking maybe she had a small cleft palate too. I had had a bit of a look at her mouth and couldn't see anything, but it may have been further back. Also after doing some reading, I am wondering if she was also hypoglycemic. In my head, I think I know that it's better (for her) that she has passed. And I think maybe Dani realised something was wrong, because she didn't seem to be caring for her as she is for the others. So in my head, I know it's probably the best that she is now at peace, but it is still pretty upsetting when it happens. So thanks Liz
  8. Looks like one of the puppies has either fading puppy syndrome or failure to thrive, whatever it is called. This is not the original puppy that I was worried about (that one seems to be improving/putting on weight) This one went downhill quite quickly. She is very lifeless/floppy. Has a mewing kind of cry. Stopped feeding off mum. Seems to often be separated from mum or siblings. When I first noticed her weight was dropping I started feeding from a syringe (wombaroo). However, I have also now taken her out of the whelping box and put her is a small box with a hot water bottle. Also when I feed her, quite often milk comes out of her nose. I've never experienced this before. Thank goodness all my past puppies have been healthy. But I am really worried that I am going to lose this one, as she is just so weak Does anybody have any advice?
  9. Oh my gosh ... she is massive. I'll say nine
  10. Thanks for all the advice everybody. I'll boost the girls food up and give her the puppy milk as well. Cheers :)
  11. She had seven puppies Whipit. Quite a large litter for a cav
  12. I'd be inclined to give mum the extra feed and have them on her more often. Do you mean give her puppy formula too? Or just to bump up her food? I'm feeding her at least two times a day, but usually three. Plus calcium and nutrigel. Do you think it's a good idea to separate the pups into two groups when it comes to feeding? Like let four on for a feed, then swap over for the other three? Or would the first group just get the best milk, and the 2nd lot would be missing out?
  13. Thanks Liz and Whipit. Looks like I need to give all of them some extra feeds. Rang the vet this morning and ordered some more puppy formula, as I only have a small box as part of my whelping kit (in case of emergencies). But it looks like these little ones might be needing it for a while.
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