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  1. Aselie, that's just beautiful, she did a great job. Well I found somene on eBay called Dishlicker Coats http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Greyhound-Satin-Presentation-Trophy-Coat-Rug-/320767743783?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item4aaf3f5727#ht_720wt_922 They are $45 embroidered on one side. There is also a place in Perth and they are $165+GST+Postage but they are printed on and can include logo, they do greyhound and horse presentation rugs. Thinking of a gold one with black fringe and black embriodery
  2. Any one know where I can order a Fringed Satin Dog Coat for a Best Exhibit In Show? THanks Trina
  3. Any idea who makes these as I need to organise one for our club. Thnks Trina
  4. SC, have been thinking about Emma, have no advice but to spoil her rotten (even more than usual :wink:) and live every day with her to the fullest. She's lucky to have had you in her life
  5. My puppies whn they o to their new homes are on 3 feeds per day PLUS goats milk just before I go to bed at night.
  6. My puppies are 5 1/2 weeks old and mum still has access to her puppies. For breakfast they are having weet-bix and goats milk, for morning tea they like sardines! At lunch they have beef mince, natural yoghurt and a little dry kibble (ARTEMIS med/large breed puppy), they have either chicken wings/lambflaps/chicken frames to chew on later in the afternoon (they just chew and suck on them). For dinner they have dry kibble with goats milk and just as I am going to bed they get more goats milk. They are not fussy at all and love their food, its never all finished but I'd prefer there to be more than them being hungry. Jett gets the left overs and is THRILLED about that.
  7. My first litter she had 14, 2 didn't survive birth, so I had 12 puppies for a couple of days til she squashed 2. I let them feed naturally off her then topped them up with fresh goats milk with colustrum. I was scared of flooding their lungs o i used an eye dropper for the first day (smallest was 202 grs) and ljust dropped it on their tongues, took a while but it was my first litter and i didnt want to do anything wrong. This lasted until they were on solids. There were only 3 that I had to really top up, they were the smallest in the litter. So lad this recent litter she has enough teets, makes life so much easier
  8. That's heartbreaking.... RIP precious animals
  9. Yep you missed - prog should be rising about day 10 11 - be hot to trot day 12/13 and you have missed by day 14 - though I would have thought you might have got a couple of pups from a day 14 mating. Mind you the girls can be ready as early as day 10 and late as day 21. Annoyingly the books are based on an average of 100+ assessed bitches - any given individual can be different. If I had to I would prog test from day 11 - 15 daily. Each bitch is different, each cycle is different.....my baseline prog test on my girls first mating was at day 4 of her cycle (she comes in every 4 months) it was 48, she was mated the next day and this mating resulted in 14 puppies (natural mating) This last litter was by the result of a surgical AI at Sandown by Dr Mat, her baseline prog test was day 3 and that prog test was 7.3, day 5 was 12.8, day 7 was 37.8 and she had a surgical AI that day and that resulted in 10 puppies. With regard to age, we do not breed our bitches until they are AT LEAST 22 months old. Jetts first litter was whelped just days before her 3rd birthday. Her 2nd litter she was 4 and 1/2. If I don't get what I want from the litter she will have 1 final litter later next year/early 2014, she will be 6.
  10. Am so sorry for your loss....RIP little angel
  11. Hesa I am so sorry to read this sad news RIP precious little Aidan, you were too special for this world
  12. HillaryO your puppies are GORGEOUS!!! I am finally managing to get a little sleep now, only had to get up twice last 2 nights to let the dog out for a break!!!
  13. Okay puppies are 2 weeks old today so I thought I had better post a few pictires
  14. I lost a puppy early evening.... Just after dinner I took the kids out in the back yard for 5 minutes and when I came inside one had gotten behind the pig rails and crawled behind her, she squashed her. RIP beautiful girl, you were needed elsewhere. Needless to say I didn't sleep at all last night, I'm so paranoid she's going to do it again. This is not the first time, last litter I lost 2 for the same reason. I have been extremely vigilant with her, watching her ever so closely, I'm so gutted and angry at myself
  15. Congrats Monteba,wishing you all the best with your litter.
  16. Have you contacted cryogenes? When I spoke to them last year they said that they can do group shipments to help keep costs down. Give them a call as, they may have a canister coming in from Germany soon. They were extremely helpful. Good luck :)
  17. As long as you are feeding a high quality kibble such as Artemis, Holistic Select, Black Hawk etc, you don't 'need' to feed the chicken etc as they have an excellent balance of all the neutrients your puppy needs. Ester C won't harm your pup, neither will goats milk.
  18. How heartbreaking for her to your special girl. I think you need to take the toys away now...poor girl
  19. Thanks everyone, Jett was fantastic, I had a wonderful support crew here, the owner of the Sire and her daughter who have whelped many a litter, I couldn't have done it without them. Fordogs, my number 9 was extremely strong and healthy also, I was starting to worry when we had two stillborn puppies in a row Jett is being such a fantastic mum 2nd time around, she's specially aware this time, but I guess 8 is easier than the 12 she had to care for last time (she did squash 2 and only had 10). I am so proud of my beautiful girl When I get a chance to go into the office and upload photos I will pop a few here.
  20. Last night Jett gave birth to 10 puppies, 8 bitches and 2 dogs. 2 of the puppies were stillborn (1 dog and 1 bitch) we tried reviving them but no success She had the first 4 puppies in 37 minutes. First puppy appeared 5 minutes after her waters broke. About 10 minutes after puppy #6, she gave birth to still born number 1, followed by stillborn number 2, 13 minutes later. Puppy number 9 25 minutes later and then the last little puppy 42 minutes after that. Gave her a shot of oxy 25 minutes later at request of the vet just to make sure there were no more and to clear her out, last puppy was breech. They range from 281gm - 393gms....average weight is about 320gm. One pup has double rear dew claws and 3 other have rear dew claws. None with cleft palate. Mum and puppies are doing really well. Will post photos when I get a chance, need to have a shower and wake up a bit :laugh: ETA: Jett was kind, she stared whelping at 5.43pm and finished at 8:52pm but it was hectic during those 3 hours!!!
  21. hesapandabear, glad to hear the little one is okay, must have been such a worry for you!!
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