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  1. Beautiful photos just love to see doggie friendships respected so happy they are together.Four lucky dogs helped as a team effort.
  2. Love seeing the Christmas doggies each year.Alfie acts hard done by but he loves any attention..
  3. Beautiful photos how lovely to have such momentoes of your childhood friend .
  4. Try Kaceen Empire Barwidgee Creek near Myrtleford they make concrete dogs not sure about Greyhounds .
  5. Thanks for sharing the swimming video apart from the funny side of it lovely to see dogs having fun.The agility video was great too.Lovely happy dogs you have dyzney. :)
  6. When my Mum was in a hospice in England a lady visited regularly with her two labradors most of the patients staff and visitors loved the visits.My Mum was so happy when they came in . :) A lady with Multiple Sclerosis was having respite care and only able to move her head and arms but her fingers were locked in a fist position.I watched her patting one of the dogs and her fingers released slightly it was such an amazing thing to witness.She had not been able to use her fingers for such a long time.The lady and I have kept in touch and although sadly the older dog has since died she continues to visit the hospice with the younger lab.I have been to visit her and the dogs since my Mum died and she is such a beautiful person.
  7. Thanks for sharing Frodo's mum.Some lovely murals many people are so talented.Beautiful scenery in the background of some of your pics............. natures own mural! :)
  8. Lovely photos in here . :) Your day 93 tlc that is one happy dog just doing what dogs do :)
  9. I always love seeing your photos Ruthless .Such wonderful pics will help them find homes.I also love dog photos where the ears are doing their individual thing. :)
  10. I can not get bigger pics on here but this looked like so much fun.Just driving along near Lake Hume and saw a few of these and reminded me of how I always wanted a car like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .
  11. I just loved this ear look today in the wind.The other pic is a calm day!
  12. That is great to see may give hope to those having to decide the same option.Amazing how the 3 legged cope.Lucky boy you decided and were able to give him the chance to play again with Cooper who also looks gorgeous. Jack looks so much like one of mine well the side view think Jack's head is broader.Same hyper antics as Jack!!
  13. So pleased to see you are ok Caz been thinking about you a lot. Gosh where did those 3 years go.So happy you managed to keep the family life takes some of us along these rocky paths and if we are lucky the path does get smoother. :)
  14. That is such a good idea dyzney thank you so much for sharing .Sadly by the time the Will is read it often too late for the person's wishes for animals to be carried out.I did a similar print out for a friend's husband with a brain injury in case he got lost with medication, diagnosis details etc .Never thought of such a great idea for my dogs. I have made it known what I want to happen to them and my cow as my solicitor told me to make sure friends knew or could be too late relying on the Will request.
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