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  1. Me too!! I did see Seb on Saturday and he said they'd be at the show at KCC park today and at Bulla on Wednesday.
  2. Benalla Show

    Fletcher and I had tonnes of fun at Benalla! Getting compleeeeetely drenched on Friday, muggy muggy muggy on Saturday and completely cooking today, Australia can certainly throw out some interesting weather. Congrats Angelsun on taking out THREE Minor Puppy in Groups! We brought home some fringies, wooo! RUBIG / Aust Bred in Group today
  3. Spitz Breeds

    I just love this pic! :D :D You deserve her so much Miss B. I'm so glad she is such a good little one for you, a real show girl, and clearly just made for the job - 3 x Baby in Groups already!! Could you ask for anything more! Just brilliant! I'm so pleased for you Best of luck for this year - may Miss B and Winnie conquer the world in 2011!!!!!
  4. Spitz Breeds

    ;) YAY! My Doggy Goals for 2011 - Get a baby girl Begin to trial in Agility with Fletcher plus other extra curricular types of activities! (Endurance, Obedience, Dancing, Tracking.. whatever we fancy really!) Qualify for Samoyed of the Year 2012 That's it! Oh... DNM - Kelza definintely wont be at the Canberra Royal... we will be taking on the world by then!!! (On our USA & Euro trip!)
  5. Spitz Breeds

    AWWWWWWWWWW JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKS to my Spitz SS from SA!!! Our gift arrived today! I got a lovely 2011 diary which is MY COLOUR! YAY! And i neeeeed a diary for next year, oh my golly ... talk about the biggest year of my life! I also got MY FAVOURITE forrero rochers!!! YUM! They're square.. I think they melted a bit but... melted forrero rochers - EVEN BETTER!!! The boys got pressies too!! Two squishy squeaky soft toys which Fletcher claimed and ran off with as soon as I opened the packaging and a packed of yummy liver doggie cookies!!!! They LOVE them!!! Thanks SS ... you're the best!!
  6. The Pug Head Tilt

    Hugo does it when you ask a question or when you say an 'exciting' word - like dinner or walk! Fletcher the Samoyed only does it when there's a verrrrry interesting noise.
  7. You Work Full Time

    Wow I can't believe so many people are able to get up at 6am etc... The extra time sounds so lovely in theory, but in practice I just cannot get my hand off the snooze button... I always get out of bed an hour before I have to be somewhere.. whether that's 6am or 10am My dogs have no routine whatsoever, both my OH and I work shift work. Every spare moment when we're not at work is spent with the dogs (pretty much) as they are inside with us. (when working night shift, Fletcher also comes to work with me!) when they're having their walks at whatever time of day they happen to be having it, or while we're sitting watching tv, they are there with us. Days off are spent at dog shows, dog obedience, or therapy dog outings... read: I do everything with my dogs. For the times when they are left alone for a large length of time they are perfectly fine, i guess because they are used to the 'randomness' of our routine. We check in regularly with neighbours re barking and they never hear a thing.
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Agree with one of the comments left - there sure is so much you can do with two jumps! Really need to get into the nitty gritty like crosses etc. Fletcher's got it, he loves it, he's a natural.. I look like a doofus. We started showing in the same way, he knew what he was doing, I was the one that made us look stupid!! Nik how do you look so normal doing it?? You look like a pro!! There's a Samoyed lady over in NZ who i've been conversing with who is happy to give tips and ideas, must get on skype some time soon and get to some serious Agility talk! Here is Fletcher at Agility practice
  9. Spitz Breeds

    Bjelkier and Esky the Husky - Joining you in the I hate waiting waiting room! Gorgeous photos of Luuka, Zero and omggg PUPPIES!! Huge congratulations to Tasha and the Taigakoira crew on your first litter - brilliant!! they look healthy and gorggggeeeeous!! Well done Looking forward to seeing puppy pics of the gorgeous WINTER when she comes home today - squeeeee!! Also for those who haven't seen yet I made myself a little website for the future, it's http://www.pandeyah.com Just wasting time on here, nervous and excited about my engagement party tonight -damn this weather!!!
  10. Kyneton Agricultural Society

    I don't think I entered and now I want to goooo :D Have fun and best of luck for those who are going!
  11. Funniest Photos Of Your Dogs

    Hahahaha :D these are great!!
  12. Spitz Breeds

    Something nice and bland like boiled rice and boiled chicken breast. :D Guess what! Very topical - had a nurses meeting at work tonight with the bosses... we're moving to 3-yearly vaccs!
  13. Spitz Breeds

    Wow. Every vet I've ever spoken to agrees with the three yearly, its just hard to bring into action but all know it will eventually be the way. Definitely consider a new vet, I agree with Huski!! We are so lucky not to see the paralysis tick down here.. we have had three cases in the last two weeks from people who have travelled north and it is so scary and awful :D As for the types of C5 um.. there are different brands? but most clinics wont give that option to clients? there is also a C4... and C3 which doesn't include any strains of KC coverage... is that what he meant? very odd...
  14. Spitz Breeds

    @ Sohvi!! Naughty naughty sausage!! SPITZBABY! those photos of Kairu are gorgeous! Love him in his lifejackettttt nyawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Everyone has beautiful new signatures cos i haven't been on here FOREVER and there is NO WAY i could ever catch up so here I am, I'm back, and I'm going to try to keep up again :D
  15. Spitz Breeds

    Hi Everyone I have this discussion with my SA dog training friends all the time! They always wonder what the hell I'm talking about when I say Devon! Fritz... Otherwise known as Devon or Luncheon meat or Polony in other states Thank heavens I thought you where having sausage dog sandwiches Devon in Victoria ! I thought it was Straz? Edit: Ahhh stupid lurking post. Shoulda googled first. Fritz is indeed Devon haha. Note to self: Google before you type!