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  1. That is actually really exciting for me. To know that the breed she adores could work. I have yet to fully research myself and have met a couple of really high drive Border Collies in my time and thought "Collie" might mean too much to handle. Absolutely looking for a laid back family dog. Will start to research myself a little now and see what we come up with. Thanks for your response.
  2. Our current family pooch is an RSPCA pup and she is such an awesome dog but you are right, we don't know her breed, can only guess at her history and it makes it hard to be prepared and researched on breed etc when getting into the mixed breeds. There is something to be said for knowing what to expect from a well bred dog and given the breed she is looking at (and people are saying might indeed fit) rescue doesn't seem like much of an option.
  3. Thank you. Starting to think she may already be looking at the right breed for her and there is a reason she is drawn that way.
  4. 1. She has been on the Rough Collie bandwagon for at least a year and a half so far so if we find the Rough Collie can indeed fit into the family well...I don't think she will change her mind at all. 2. That is a brilliant suggestion. Are breeder/exhibitors happy to talk to the general public at these kinds of events? She has her heart set on the full coated Rough so would be a great idea to introduce her to grooming needs and techniques from an experienced owner. As her mother and a huge dog lover there is no way that I would allow the grooming to fall down the wayside, even if I have to
  5. My daughter is a dog nut. Always has been. She is starting to save up for her own dog and I am looking for breed recommendations to point her towards. She is 11yrs old so this will be a long process, probably 2-3 years away still. Saving will take her a couple of years, she is already heavily researching. She has her heart set on a Rough Collie however I am concerned that being a working breed they may end up being too much dog for her (and us as a family). She has an interest in training and obedience but not sure full on obedience is in the cards. She essentially wants a dog th
  6. Mackiemad- You are right. I have been scared and that fear is not rational or allowing me to listen with an open mind to the vet and people on here. It is why I am so conflicted and struggling with the choice so much. If you look at the website productreview.com .au and read the reviews that have been left on there for the Bravecto it is easy to see why people are scared. It is not just a couple, there are a LOT of stories on there and I do know that people complain much more than they praise but it is concerning. Thank you for your posts and thoughts. I appreciate your time. Sheena- Thanks
  7. I am genuinely not trying to stir trouble and I do realise that some adverse reactions are common. The sheer number of reports from owners of dogs who have reacted poorly to the Bravecto is still really scary. It really feels like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand this tick could have killed her, watching her struggle with her balance and be so unwell was heart wrenching and gutted us all. On the other hand, if I give her this product to try and keep her safe from the ticks (fleas are not an issue) and she has a reaction I don't know that I could ever forgive myself.
  8. My poor girl has had a nasty paralysis tick that she could only have picked up out of our very own yard. She seems to be recovering, not out of the woods yet. My vet recommended Bravecto. The reviews and complications people seem to be having with the product terrifies me. What do people recommend to make sure she never gets another one? Will pair with daily checking, happy to try topicals or collars but need them to be cat safe for our cat (not for use on our cat but they share the house). I'm also looking for an option to treat the yard with. Vet said there isnt re
  9. We are soon to be traveling around Australia with a van and my beautiful dog Lolly will be coming with. Everything is very up in the air and rushed at the moment. House sale finalises on the 7th December, we have to pick up the caravan (leave from Brisbane, collect it from Gladstone) and then we have managed to get a last minute cancellation spot on the Spirit of Tasmania for the 17th December. It is going to be insane but my sister (who I am traveling with) is determined to spend Xmas with our brother in Tassie. Problem is that the spot we have secured and paid for does not include a kennel
  10. I've used the Kirklands Natures Domain grain free for my cat since we adopted him 2yrs ago. He does really well on it. His coat is soft and shiny and he has no issues at all. I cannot fault it.
  11. I am just wondering if I am the only person who makes sure that my dog cannot interact with strangers coming onto my property, especially in the way of meter readers/ tradies etc. The news article about that poor tradie getting attacked by the three AST's has me wondering. In addition to that my sister recently had an open home where one of her neighbours attended and asked the real estate agent to come back to her house for an evaluation. The real estate agent went over and in the process of looking around the house with the owner she was bitten quite badly by one of their French Mastiffs.
  12. Yep. Exactly what has happened for us. The hardened callous wore off and became infected instead.
  13. And another. It WAS a huge big old callous but it became inflamed and swollen once she got a proper bed. Go figure!
  14. Vet says it is a Callous Pyoderma. Gave her a cortisone shot and antibiotics. At a worst case scenario it is actually in a good place for surgery as it is on the outer of her elbow. Going to research other methods of treating it now that we know it isn't a tumor or anything more serious. Will attach pictures.
  15. How did you go with this? Have a similar thing on a Neo Mastiff. Off to the vets in the morning but hoping it is nothing major. Ironically it became inflamed after she came into my care and had a proper bed and mattress for the first time in her life.
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