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  1. Well, it only took what felt like a BAZILLION years...but we finally achieved a training goal and got our first pass in tracking.
  2. It's a bit of a shame that a dog that gets a title in obedience/herding etc doesn't get more of an exemption from councils. Especially as they like to bang on about responsible ownership. I would figure that's a greater gauge than desexing status. I know there is some discount, but it's a bit pathetic on its own.
  3. What about a job as ratters, or do only cattle and sheep apply?
  4. 14 kg Dory cross breed is a pretty good alert/guard dog. Not sure how effective while out walking though. She would probably nip an intruder, and if they hurt her they'd have to face an enraged dog owner :laugh: Trust me, hurt my dogs, pray you have ambulance cover.
  5. Rottweilers despite their short coat shed something fierce. Not as bad as a GSD, but it's amazing where you find it.
  6. "Where's my Kiss" Willow will then gently nose punch you on the face. No tongue. Dory can do an impressive 'Beg'. But the bestest trick ever is just being themselves and brightening my day.
  7. I don't have any cows, nor plan on having any in the near future. So that side of their original purpose is not a requirement for me. We did give herding a crack, but as I'm much more interested in doing IPO with Willow we found that some of the things we want for that, aren't conducive to sheep work at this time. Perhaps at a future time when she's a bit older, who knows. Now considering I love doing IPO, temperament is important...but considering the number of breeders of Rottweilers in Australia who test their dogs on the field is a very, very, very small minority (can't think of any of
  8. We are still doing tracking, mostly on ovals to avoid grass seeds and other summer time perils (ants...grrrr....ants). We are starting to get good article indication with Willow!!! And considering she has had quite a large break from training lately, I was pretty pleased with her last track.. Even if she did indicate the corners by dropping...hey...at least she's thinking it through!!! Dory still charges through it all, doesn't want to stop even when she gets to the end. :laugh:
  9. 1 hammock bed, 2 pillow type beds and 2 crates. Dory has nicer blankets in her crate because she doesn't shred things. Willow gets old towels... She shreds things. Despite this both dogs seem to prefer the unadorned floor. And occasionally the couch, usually when they want something and they are being cuddly. I would love to buy more beds, but I choke at the prices for items the dogs clearly won't use.
  10. Yep. And I often say, "Do you mind?" When they do gross dog things or get in my way. I also talk to patients as well. I've had several conversations re: barking and howling. They never listen. lol
  11. I've felt like that about dogs before, I found once we started doing fun stuff together, such as training that it helped the bond. And yes, not comparing them to previous dogs. It's okay to miss those dogs, but part of the fun of new puppies is the individuality they bring and the new stuff we can learn from them. At least that's what I love about it.
  12. Dory - check out vent locks from Clean Run. You can lock the rear door half open - they are brilliant and I use mine all the time. Will do! Seems so pointless having dog cages when you don't feel safe leaving the car open for them.
  13. We don't charge. Never heard of the practise before.
  14. I've got lockable cages in the back of my car, and I'm still not game enough to leave the back up. People are serious idiots, and we've had instances where people have tried to put their hands in the car to pat the dogs. In one case they tried to push us out of the way to do so!!! We told them one of them could be a bit protective, don't pat. (Yeah...and it ain't the Rottweiler :laugh: ). I live in fear. Cos I know Dory would definitely bite someone's hand if they poked it in there. And I'm not 100% sure of Willow if I'm not there. As for Bunnings, well I don't even take them into
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