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  1. Thank you in advance for any advice. For a 4kg puppy aged from 8 weeks, what are the veterinary requirements and all up costs transport Australia to New Zealand? Do pet transporters set it all up for you? I have heard cost about $2,000 upwards?
  2. I am considering taking my bitch to a show when her puppies are 4 weeks old and weaned by 3 1/2 weeks old. I don't have any experience in this particular situation and seeking Yes/No answers to questions please: Will her boobs have dried off enough for her to be comfortable? Would a show day away from home/puppies be too stressful for her? Could there be a possibility of disease like parvo being encountered? Any advice taken on board for a learning experience - with thanks.
  3. Long term dog boarding

    Check out Gumtree for pet sitters.
  4. Help...unruly Dog

    Try a Thundershirt? Quote: Lulu also is less likely to jump on visitors, and our walks are a bit less eventful with the Thundershirt. One neighbor even took time to compliment her during a daily walk, saying Lulu seems so much different in her new sweater. Thundershirts also look pretty sporty, similar to vests worn by racing greyhounds. After several rounds in the washing machine, those Velcro strips have not lost their grip.
  5. Help...unruly Dog

    Maybe a hand held ultra sonic dog alarm deployed as aggression begins would distract the dog and give control to you as a "shout".
  6. Does anyone know of a good Canine Chiropractor or Acupuncturist Brisbane northside? Please can you share the details? Thanks in Advance
  7. TRY ARANA HILLS 13 12 48 http://arana-hills.cylex.com.au/company/brisbane-north-institute-of-tafe-animal-grooming-salon-18486144.html
  8. Toxic Kibble / Treats

    Purina Beneful http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2985819/Dog-owners-horrific-effects-claim-Purina-Beneful-beloved-pets-including-violent-seizures-kidney-failure-cases-death.html
  9. Toxic Kibble / Treats

    My apologies: this topic was covered on 25 Feb in the forum. Cnbc Lawsuit Claims Purina's Beneful Is Poisoning, Killing Dogs
  10. Obsessed With Chooks

    Thank you for being a human with a human brain. Thank you for understanding a dog with a dog brain.
  11. Puppy Crying

    Perhaps removing the water bowl after her evening meal or after last night toileting may help. Then a fresh bowl of water after first toileting in the morning. If she's restless and lapping water to help pass the night her little tank will be extra full.
  12. Puppy Farms

    News at this link http://www.smh.com.au/queensland/labor-announces-puppy-farm-crackdown-20141214-126u7x.html
  13. Pee Post

    I'm considering a rescue dog, a large male, however MOH won't like him peeing all around the yard and causing a smell. Does a Pee Post with pheremones work for older male dog? Has anyone tried them for female dogs?
  14. Pee Post

    Thanks for the apple cider vinegar idea. I'm going to try the Pee Post and top it off with your garden guru's mix.
  15. Pee Post

    It's not the peeing on the grass or bushes, it's more peeing on bricks and concrete that smells.
  16. Happy Easter At 6am most mornings we meet up at a leash free dog area. One chap, Eric, has a old setter named Oscar he adores. However Eric is in his late 70's and a bit wobbly so is finding the grooming hard lately. I took along my schnauzers' Mars Coat King and Furminator and we gave Oscar a good going over. Eric wants me to buy the Mars and Furminator for him and I want to know what sizes are the best for an Irish Setter. Or now that his coat, which is not that thick, has had the Mars once over would a Furminator be enough? Any grooming advice gratefully received. Morna