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  1. How Many In Your Bed?

    You win tomas...200kgs :laugh: LOL. Probably more like 220kgs. Only for a few hours,at night they have their own room with air con :laugh: O.K I added it up,it's 212kgs and at night they have their own room with air con and the oldest stays in bed with me.
  2. How Many In Your Bed?

    I start work at 4am ,so nap for a few hours when I get home around lunchtime. I have over 200kgs of un-neutered males in bed with me,6 in all,5 Vizslas and a Bracco Italiano. Really good in winter,not so much fun in the heat of summer! After we wake,I eat and we go out for the afternoon. Come home,I eat dinner and then they do. Works for me. Never have fights or grumbles and everyone gets cuddle time with Dad.
  3. Pack Pictures.

    My 5 Hungarian Vizslas and Bracco Italiano.
  4. Itchy Season Coming

    What are you feeding him? If there is a protein in there that is causing an inflammatory response,he can have contact allergies because of that. I have 2 dogs hugely allergic to grasses,well they were,till we went raw,now they can run all through long grass without issue. Yes they have been to Vet Derm and were allergic to anything green pretty much as well as dust and pollens. He suggested pred and antibiotics,I switched to raw on advice of a freind and never had another issue,that was 12 years ago...
  5. Vit C Vs Ester C

    Also found this for you. The only synthetic vitamin C that has been shown to lower the risk of HD is sodium ascorbate. Dr Belfield gives the doses need for this type of synthetic vitamin C as: Dr Belfield in his book, How To Have A Healtheir Dog, The Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals for Your Dog's Life Cycles, published in 1981, recommends the following doses of vitamin C depending on activity level of the dog: Small Dogs - 500 to 1,500 mg daily Medium Dogs - 1,500 to 3,000 mg daily Large Dogs - 3,000 to 6,000 mg daily Giant Dogs - 6,000 to 7.500 mg daily Puppies Large Breed - first 4 months - 500 to 1,000 mg daily Puppies Large Breed - 4 months to adult - increasing gradually - 1,000 to 3,000 mg daily
  6. Vit C Vs Ester C

    Further to the Vit C thing,my dogs all get one tablet of this a day http://www.lapdog.co.nz/vitcdogs.php As well as pure collagen. http://www.primeval.co.nz/dogs.asp I have dogs diagnosed with HD who are 10 and 11 and they can run 2 hours HARD a day and never pull up lame.
  7. Vit C Vs Ester C

    Try this and click on About Vitamin C http://www.skansen.com/nutrition/
  8. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Well he was doing that between Ollie and Louis on the couch. Spencer is asleep in his bedroom,Teddy is on my bed asleep and Charlie is asleep on the dog bed in here with me too. Alex is the only one not asleep!
  9. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Meea, Viva lives in Australia and Alex lives in New Zealand with me :D Or that should read,Alex is chewing a crate mat on the couch between 2 Vizslas,with me.
  10. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Thanks showpony,I have seen many pictures of Viva as she grew. Alex and Viva are closely related. Their sire(Viva) and dam (Alex) are littermates.
  11. K9 Natural Freeze Dried

    Well I had an import dog just arrved at 9 months,only fed Eukanuba Puppy food,fasted him for 24 hours and started on K9 straight away. Introduced bones about 3 days in,also started on one protein and added in a new protein every 4 days,not one issue. Hope that helps.
  12. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Well the girl that has arrived comes out of jail in a few days,so you should get your chance soon.... Did you find anything interesting out in your research? Can you post your essay? Or is that not the done thing?
  13. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Wash your mouth out Monah! ;)
  14. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Meant to add,I did too,met my first in 2002 after only seeing them in books. I was not disppointed when I first saw him in Quarantine,he has such a gentle comical soul if that makes sense. They really are a breed that could take off....
  15. Bracco Italiano Poster

    Thanks SparkyTansy ,if I can replicate the movement and stands I have seen him do he will do well. But he has never been shown,though taken to shows for socialising in Hungary. Where he did better each time he went. It will take him a few show weekends to get comfortable. Braccos are not great initially when encountering stuff. But 2nd-4th time,no issues. He is being shown the ropes by my experienced showdogs,so he will get it.