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  1. Dog Contracts Hendra

    I'd hate to see anybody die, but id like to see more testing before its widespread use. A vet told me yesterday it's 100% that you can't catch hendra if youve been vaccinated. Yet the horses still shed the same antibodies as a horse with the disease. Bats aren't a problem where I live but I'd still like some more information before I vaccinate. I'd like to know how dogs catch the disease and if having vaccinated horses test positive can lead to having dogs that test positive.
  2. Dog Contracts Hendra

    My concern is that we use it on breeding animals and find out it is like West Nile vaccine. I'm on the fence for now
  3. Breeders Of Merle Breeds

    Thank You!
  4. Breeders Of Merle Breeds

    I'm looking for a company who provides DNA testing for merle, could somebody please point me in the right direction??? Cheers Katrina
  5. Because ANKC breeds have never been subject to BSL in Australia - except for the GSD, dobe, Rott, mastiff, bull mastiff, bull terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff, great Dane, Anatolian, mareema, greyhound etc etc.
  6. Qld Police Shoot Dead Two Violent Dogs

    Bull mastiffs-beasts-bulldogs-now American bulldogs. That's almost a change an hour! The owner was begging the police not to shoot his dogs, from what I got one dog was still threatening him at that time?? I still think the police handled the situation appropriately, it would be a difficult situation to assess and make descisions on quickly.
  7. Guide Dog Killed

    Pretty sure my two crippled for life mastiff types didn't care that they were attacked by a pack of non bull breeds that are traditionally associated with being good pets, especially since one of them will probably require amputation of his leg even after 18 months of rehabilitation. Irresponsible owners suck, regardless of the breed they own, any dog is capable of doing damage. The poor guide dog would be just as dead if a pack of beagles had have threatened and caused her to flee into traffic.
  8. Qld Police Shoot Dead Two Violent Dogs

    These dogs are chameleons, earlier they were Bull Mastiffs, wonder how many times they will change their breed!
  9. Health Problems Or Old Age?

    Maybe a dog chiro would be worth talking to, sounds like start of dementia though.
  10. A New Breed In Aust - Black Mouth Cur

    Your thinking of Catahoulas Rural pug.
  11. 7.30 Tuesday

    Hunting dogs are not taught to kill, it is a misconception.
  12. 7.30 Tuesday

    As I thought it would be, lumping responsible hunters in with people committing acts of animal cruelty, blatantly disregarding the law and APDHA and DPI guidelines to support Clover Moores push for the banning of hunting pigs with dogs. Imagine all dog breeders lumped in together, the worst puppy farms in with the most ethical of breeders and the 730 report having a feature on why dog breeding should be banned. This is no different. I fully support the punishing of people who make these videos though, it is very disturbing, they certainly are not what conservation hunting is about!
  13. 7.30 Tuesday

    It looks to be a one sided report Byron an animal rights perspective, kind of like making a show about puppy farms and then saying that breeding dogs is a terrible thing to do. I hope I am wrong though and it turn out to be an unbiased report!
  14. Out Of A Horror Movie?

    How is the ranger standing around grinning in photos if they were taken some time later? I have ended plenty of suffering with a bullet, I've also found two cats lying injured beside the road in town and taken them into the vets to be euthed.not mine, one was probably feral but it makes no more sense to drive all the way home to put them down with a gun than it does to bring an animal in or get the vet out when suffering needs to be ended as soon as possible. I don't have a problem with him shooting them, he could just show some respect for the animals and the public.
  15. Heads Up On Dog Theives

    Or they are being a bit careless with the truth. Vets are required by law to report all suspected animal cruelty. An autopsy would have provided evidence of this and any other injuries. It is convenient that the dog had to be put down due to "psychological issues" before it was properly assessed and evidence collected which would lead to a potential arrest oratthe least help police with a case. It all sounds a bit fishy to me and so many people are alarmed and no doubt living in fear.