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  1. Bowed Pasterns - Adult Dog

    Will do. We'll keep these pics as day two of his foster care, and see how he progresses! He has some weight to lose and exercise will no doubt help. And yes I think he has been on slick surfaces. I just hate seeing him either in pain or discomfort. But don't want to give painkillers so he feels better and does too much. I too worry that it might not reverse given his age. Fingers all crossed! He's missed out on enough fun and running - hopefully he can get some joy in his life!
  2. I'm after any advice or experience in dealing with bowed pasterns/front legs in adult dogs. Subject is a 4 year old rescue/rehome Borzoi. Has come from a background of little to no exercise and unusual ideas on diet, plus is overweight - so I don't really doubt that those factors are major contributors/ causes. Despite the cause, I am now after ways to improve them. He is not really sound/comfortable on them, and until his vet appointment next week I'm wondering if anyone has experience with strapping or supporting these sort of legs? I would strap/support any weakness in a horse's legs as they have to weight bear. But other dog people are saying don't strap these legs? He has some compulsive behaviours too, mostly foot licking/chewing so I'm not 100% sure I can even keep strapping on - although I haven't seen him foot chewing since he came home so maybe.... Pics attached (please excuse milk crate in the way - it's to try and block a puppy's favourite digging spot!)
  3. Update on this one. Rocco has a perfect and permanent home and is settling in wonderfully. :D
  4. Promising Parvo Treatment

    Would need an Australian company to pick the ball up and conduct scientific trials and seek registration for the drug/s here under our conditions etc.
  5. Brandiandwe I'm so very pleased to read this thread! I can't imagine a better spot for this dear soul. Much love to you and you DH, I hope it works out for all of you, hounds and humans alike. I am doing a collar order next week... From here: http://stores.ebay.com.au/Regal-Hound-Designs?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 I would love, love, to return a collar gift to you and Benny... You know what I mean... :D Let me know which one you think would suit him. I'll look for a.n excuse to come up and hand deliver it.
  6. Pet Bereavement Leave

    I think an workplace that allows for compasionate leave, should allow for pet death to be an eligible use for that. Really, carers and family leave is often allowed, why is it not recognised that pets fill that part of some people's lives?
  7. It is sad. But Yagoona is about 1 1/2 hrs drive. I find it hard to believe people saying that isn't close... But that's just logistics. Maybe I'm tainted from living in the country...
  8. Sighthounds

    Well you would hope so but yes... I know what you mean. It does sound like she is pretty sane and should bring a lot of joy. I would've thought a breed like this too much, and too hard etc, until taking in our current Pharaoh foster. Honestly he has been such a joy and fit in so easily. I wouldn't have believed it. So I give these challenging breeds new credit. Not as beginners dogs, but as far more stable souls than some folks give them credit for.
  9. Sighthounds

    There was an oops pet litter a while back... From a brother and sister I think... I thought they might have been mentioned in this thread but haven't checked back. it seems that might be where she comes from.
  10. Sighthounds

    Some news. :) Rocco the foster Pharie is off to a perfect new home tomorrow, with a friend and colleague so I will get lots of updates - yay! Also, there is an Ibizan seeking foster or rehoming in NSW. She is advertised through greyhound rescue but it would be really nice for her to go somewhere with some breed or sighthound knowledge! Those on FB can find details here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=765464126807520&set=a.275416862478918.66205.214189698601635&type=1&theater We had a long night at home when young Mr Zander the nearly 3 year old Borzoi gorged himself with meat and bloated... He didn't twist though - thank dog! I spent a long night massaging, burping and gently walking him. Have never seen or heard burps and farts like that come out of a dog!! Scary...
  11. What Breed?

    Belgian Shepherd - Tervueren or Groenendael?
  12. I'll bear that in mind. He has someone tentatively interested so will wait and see how that pans out first. And yes I live in NSW but near the ACT... :D
  13. Thanks!! I can but don't know if my privacy settings will be an issue. I don't have his full ad on there anyway, just some pics. He is here though - easier to share: :D http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/rescue/pharaoh-hound.asp
  14. Sun Bleaching

    If you have a local horse feed / produce shop they will usually sell seaweed meal by the kg.
  15. Sun Bleaching

    Vitagran Seaweed meal you can get from a produce shop. If you google Pat Coleby you might find some feeding rates. She is an Australian farmer who has had great results over long years from improving mineral intake in her animals, both farm ones and dogs & cats. If you can't find anything let me know and I'll dig out a book for you.