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  1. She is gorgeous! btw, from the pics I think she's a tan & white
  2. Wow, thats news to me - we take our dog to cafe's every month or so (in brisbane and at the coast). What a shame
  3. We're looking for somewhere within easy drive of brisbane to stay for a weekend I found this place - Tropical Coast Retreat near Tweed Heads/Kingscliff on Stayz and was wondering if anyone has stayed there. Pet Friendly Retreat (same place, different website) I was slightly put off by the spelling mistakes on their webpage, so just want to make sure its legit before booking/paying
  4. Salt & Vinegar Chips! My beagle loves them since she got a dropped crumb one time! If there is an open bag around she starts to drool but that never happens for anything else
  5. What I really liked as a first time puppy owner was when I called up the local vet surgery the lady who answered (vet nurse I assume) was really helpful, and spent ages with me over the phone going through all my very newbie questions. She was so helpful, knowledgeable and patient and we hadn't even been into the surgery yet! I like the scales in the waiting room - we were encouraged to bring our pup in whenever we wanted to get weighed and so going to the vet wasn't a bit deal
  6. I second the recommendation for the cat clinic for kitties. They are excellent
  7. Dream was a little pain for this - she's much better now, but when she was younger she'd try to hump legs in the evening when we were watching tv We'd usually just 'kick' her off (i.e. remove her by moving the leg she was trying to attach to) - and ignore her, but she seemed to think it was a game and the behaviour escalated. One night I grabbed her off by the scruff and growled loudly which seemed to do the trick. I don't know if this is the right thing to do though! She still humps her blankets some nights when she's really tired (fairly rare), or if we have visitors (charming) She won't let other dogs hump her (her brother tried when he visited a few weeks back), so maybe she could tell the little fellow off
  8. Happy birthday Daisy!! Love the puppy pics
  9. I've noticed they tend to smash it up themselves (chewing) and then swallow the whole thing down - atleast thats what my beagle pup did! We freeze chicken necks and wings now and give her them to her frozen - they last longer that way!
  10. With our beagle pup we had to remove the temptation - we use puppy fences and prevent her from getting to the laundry and bedrooms unsupervised
  11. I've found our beagle is very clean - we think her coat must be Teflon coated cause it seems she could be a bit muddy one minute but totally clean soon after
  12. I've heard good things about Urban although I haven't personally used them - if you search this forum you'll find a few threads with Brisbane puppy school recommendations We did puppy school about 12 months ago through Ziggy's at Pet City (Mt Gravatt) and Bonnie's (also at Mt Gravatt). Both were good although quite different with Ziggy's being an 8 week course with supervised structured interaction, and Bonnie's being more ad hoc. Your pup sounds pretty normal to me! I found puppy school was more helpful in teaching us about how to interact with our puppy than anything else!
  13. I don't know if its normal but my puppy would do the same thing. Her 'pool room' was behind her kennel - many things went 'straight to the pool room' She grew out of it, though will still go there sometimes - usually if we give her a new toy
  14. Our pup got picky about dry food at about 4 months old We kept her going on it by mixing in Sardines, and sometimes peanut butter or pumpkin. Also scattering it on the floor seemed to make her more interested We tried different flavours and different brands which she would eat for a week or two and then go off it Eventually though she was sucking off the sardines (or other mixer) and spitting out the kibble and by about 6 months old she refused to eat it at all - I was doing the 15 mins etc and she went for three days without eating We changed to raw diet and haven't had any issues since (except the 10kgs of kibble sitting in the laundry. lol).
  15. We give our beagle frozen chicken wings and chicken necks - at 3 months we gave her frozen necks and introduced wings later on. We also feed all meals from a kong or treat ball When the weather is warmer, freeze a chicken neck (or two) in a butter container or ice cream container to make a 'chicken neck-sicle" - keeps a pup occupied for quite a while I also use the Happy Paws Treats huski mentioned in a treat ball now ETA: Carrots are good too, but I usually watch her with those
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