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  1. Information On Dobermans

    The books that really know our breed are almost impossible to get hold of - the generic ones are not worth it. For websites try these: http://www.dobepac.com/ http://www.dpca.org/BreedEd/ Both are great the dpca has alot of information - some of it may be more geared to breeders but its broad based. Noticed you are in Vic. Feel free to contact me privately with any questions you may have or even if you wish to meet some adults and see if they are really the breed for you. Edited to add our prefix is Bisart and you can get contact details via the breed listings if interested.
  2. Your Heart Dog

    You just know :). My heart dog was Ryder - CH Bisart Easy Ryder CGC CD ET ROM AOM I love all my dogs but he was just a part of my being, my heart and soul. We lost him tragically a year and two weeks ago to salmonella poisoning a 4.5 years of age - my heart breaks daily and I still have moments where the grief hits me so hard I can't breath. Even the title of this thread made me lose it - not sure it will ever go away. And not sure I will ever have another but I will know if / when they come along :). Ryder passing our national temperament test xxx
  3. Dobermann Thread

    I think the legs are Melissa Murray's ??? LOL. So it would either be one of theirs, Fireax or Ageis. I have messaged Denise re the posts - I'd want to know if that were a dog I'd bred. He is either just being a smartass or is an idiot. I know I'd definately smack him in the side of the head if it were one of my dogs & maybe even take her back !!! Not what our breed needs to be publically aired.
  4. Standing An Unshown Dog At Stud

    Pedigree - the most important thing to consider when choosing a stud dog.
  5. Endurance Test 2013

    I've put probably 5 dogs through at the Altona course - never had an issue with people not getting out of the way or being inconsiderate. Last year there were workmen tearing up concrete on the course at the back of the building - after the first time we passed them (pace setter got them to stop) they had posted their own lookout with a whistle who stopped them when the group got to that section - they couldn't have been more considerate. Great course - though make sure you train your legs to ride on grass - that grass stretch gets harder with each circuit lol.
  6. Endurance Test 2013

    That has to be the best ET track in Vic - really enjoyed it with my boy and have his sister entered in the next one - will be able to do it in my sleep :).
  7. Endurance Test 2013

    8 years max
  8. Junior Kennel Club 13th July 2013 Kcc Park

    Group 6 is usually well supported. Try being in Grp 4 where there has only been one for nearly 18 months. Thankfully that is changing. Even if there is no competition at Group level there is at neuter in show. I have to say Fern continues to be shown to support the class, we are fully behind the concept, plus she loves it! Yep, have to say that we have pretty much always had competition in Grp 6 for the group run offs - Mals, Bernese, Boxers, Dobes :), Rotty's, St Bernards, Sibes cant think of others atm.
  9. Junior Kennel Club 13th July 2013 Kcc Park

    There were more than 1 Neuter in Group 6 - we had competition for the group run off - couldn't tell you what though :p Plus they got 2 of my other entries that I would not have entered otherwise :).
  10. Dobermann Thread

    Deleted no longer relevant
  11. Birthdate / Entry

    If my puppy turns 12 months on the day of a sweepstakes class can I enter ??? So say date of birth is 10/04/12 - turn 1 or 12 months on the 10/04/13 & Sweepstakes class is on the 10/04/13 - can I enter in puppy class & Sweeps ???
  12. Incorrect Certified Pra Result Issued

  13. Temperment Transfer

    I don't think this is the case at all. If (as a breeder) you are watching the puppies interact as they grow you can get pretty close to 100% accurate in assessing what the adult dog will be like - our last litter I literally told a young couple "NO that puppy is not the dog for you" - one headstrong little boy who needed to go into an experienced dobermann home and be worked - thats the home he went into and is a perfect fit. This couple got a gorgeous boy who is easy going, relaxed and loves everyone (just like them lol) - the perfect puppy for them and they have since seen the other boy compared to their boy and thanked me for saying no - they then realised what I meant. No I think - like Nekhbet - we can be pretty close to 100%. Its placing them correctly that finishes the job. Edited for spelling
  14. Temperment Transfer

    To answer the op - yes temperament is of utmost importance - of both sire and dam. I believe the quality of the dams upbringing instills alot of behaviours in their offspring - this is their early training ground, then comes socialisation, training etc The studys in general seem to agree that there is a split of genetic and environmental - after 7 litters I can see genetics playing a larger role.
  15. Temperment Transfer

    Regarding your boy - have you checked Thyroid - the test needs to be run in the States I think with Jean Dodds ??? Erny on this forum will be able to give you all the details. I wish there was a tag feature on this forum I would tag her in !! But worth checking it out - here dogs have been pts due to temp issues / attacking people / dogs etc and it all could have been fixed if the breeder would just acknowledge the issue and stop breeding with the problem lines.