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  1. Really Bad Barking Gr 4 Months :(

    Thanks so much. I will try that. But before I do I cannot believe what has happened tonight. Until tonight I was always putting her outside and with full windows she could still see me and kept barking. But I started putting her in the laundry. the first time she nearly broke the door down but I waitied till she had stopped for a few seconds then went and got her and brought her back in. When she started barking again I did the NO and shen she didn't stop I took her back to the laundry. We've been back and forth about 4 times now and when I say NO, she stops barking. Whoo hoo. It really does work. Very funny though, she barked once and then i turned to her and as I was about to say no she was just about to bark again and stopped suddenly and it turned into a weird noise instead. I nearly wet myself laughing. Good advice re my decision or hers. I'll keep on that. thanks again and I'll wait and see how we go over the next couple of days.
  2. Really Bad Barking Gr 4 Months :(

    Hi all I've just read the puppy barking thread and the toilet training threads. but think I need more advice. I have a nearly 4 month old golden who is so stubborn she is really trying me. We are doing clicker training and she is getting really good at it. However, all day she barks if I turn away from her or if I'm on the phone or even go to another room and she gets really persistant. I tell her NO and if she does it again i put her outside. But she will just bark and bark. After a few minutes of silence I go to her and I tell her good girl and let her back in. Within seconds she barks again. And it's a really determined bark. When I tell her NO, she rolls back her gums and barks even louder. We've been doing this for a couple of weeks now and not getting anywhere. This time I've put her in the laundry but she sounds like she is about to thrash it down. I'm really worried as I'm renting and my neighbour is a sour old thing and I'm just waiting for the knock on the door. I've only left her a few times to go out so I have no idea what she does when I'm gone. I don't think I want to know. I've never had this problem with a pup before. I know she is challenging me for domination but she just won't give in. I don't even let her walk in the door before me, I feed her after me and have tried to let her know from day one that I'm the boss. I'm having much the same problem with toilet training. She knows to go out. She will go happily each time I take her out. I leave the door open all day so she can come and go. But then she will just wee on the carpet in between times. Can someone please please help me before I go mad.
  3. Puppy With Fleas

    Wow, thanks everyone. I treated her with the Advantage on Monday night and I did give her the right dose. However, she still has fleas on her. Not many, but a few. So I've washed all her bedding again and vaccumed etc. I think you might be right about the back yard so I will lime tomorrow. Pleading ignorance here but where do I buy the Diatomaceous Earth from. I've searched the internet but can't seem to find a supplier. I used Advantage on my cats 2 weeks ago so even though it says monthly do you recommend I do them again to align them with puppy's dose? Can't thank you all enough. I have a huge back yard and she tends to use all of it. We also have 40+ degree days coming up for the next 5 days so I really want to get on top of this before they take over the house. I feel like a new mother again as I thought I knew all this stuff but it's been so long since I've had this problem it's all disappeared into the grey matter and it struggles to work at the best of times.
  4. Puppy With Fleas

    Thanks for all the great info. Having had a dog before with a skin allergy I was just trying to be careful re the chemicals and you are all right. Will pop down now and get some advantage.
  5. Puppy With Fleas

    My 10 week old Golden has picked up fleas, probably from puppy school. I found them Friday night and bathed her with lavendar and eucalyptus oil drops in the water. Then Saturday morning went and bought some T Tree shampoo and bathed her again yesterday. I did about 12 loads of washing, her bed, my bed, etc etc and have vaccumed the whole house and sprinkled lemon juice all over. Today, Sunday, they are still there. WE are in for a week of blistering hot weather so I know it will be hard to get rid of them. I'll take her to the vet tomorrow but am loathe to use heavy chemicals or injections to get rid of them. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Please.
  6. Training 10month Old

    I've spoken to the breeder and she has told me that my girl's parents and beyond haven't had any of these issues. She did tell me to see a chiropractor as well. I need some advice here. I haven't really bonded with her even though she is a lovely girl. She does have behavioural issues, which the breeder has also confirmed, , NOW SHE TELLS ME, and with the allergy and possible elbow issues, I just don't know if I can do this. I'm not the most healthy person and I was looking to home a dog who could keep me company and who I could have some fun with and give a good life to. But she doesn't really like having fun. She hates the car, in fact I had to pick her up from under the table and carry her to the car because she hates it so much. I've tried desensitising her but she just won't relent. She doesn't enjoy walking, for obvious reasons, and I can't seem to get her excited about anything much, not even food. Even throwing the ball doesn't really interest her. I'm also really worried about the costs. I know I need to be prepard for emergencies but now I need to change all her food, see a chiro etc. Am I giving up too soon? I've never had this happen before and I'm so upset, I don't like failing.
  7. Training 10month Old

    Well, I'm just devastated. Vet has given her antiinflammatories as it seems my girl does have an issue with one of her elbows and perhaps two of them. She has also been diagnosed as being an allergy dog which I also suspected but I guess I was trying to ignore it as my last girl also had bad allergies. She wanted to do XRays on her but I simply couldn't afford it. I paid a lot of money for her and it's cost me heaps in the few weeks I've had her because of her ear infection and now her eyes are infected and her skin is reddening. She also thinks that perhaps her legs are a bit sore after walking and that's why she doesn't respond. So I'll have to do some thinking. I've arranged to attend obedience tomorrow, thanks to your great advice, so will see how she copes with that.
  8. Training 10month Old

    Yep, have appointment with vet in the morning. Have just read the NILIF and am quite keen to get it started regardless. I really do think I am confusing both her and myself and this seems like an excellent program to get our issues sorted out at least. I'll also contact the Four Pws K9 Training to see if we can get some help. Thanks again all. Will let you know what the vet says.
  9. Training 10month Old

    Hmmm. Sounds like I might be confusing her. I'm confused too because I'm training her the way I've trained all my others so don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm in Hoppers Crossing so if anyone knows anywhere could take us now I'd be most grateful. It's the Werribee Dog Club that I was trying to get into but can't till next year. When I referred to mind games I was referring to her trying to get the better of me. I take her for short walks so as not to tire her out. When I went to take her out this morning she ran into the laundry and rolled on her back so it wasn't a good start. When she jumps I just say no very loudly and turn my back on her for about 30 seconds. I just stand really still and ignore her. I've followed some of the advise here and with her pawing me I turn my body away from her and don't turn back till she removes her paw. It seems to be working. I don't think she lacks attention as she has free range of the house and yard to be with me when she needs to and I spend a good hour and a half or so over the day just on play alone and separate times on training and walking. I'm not so arrogant though to admit I need help as I seem to have lost my way and so dearly want us to have a good relationship. She truly is a lovely girl and I don't want to mess her up. Thanks for all your help.
  10. Training 10month Old

    Yes, I must admit I've been really surprised as well. I've owned two goldens over the last 25 years and I've never had this sort of problem. They were just so eager and willing to learn but this girl just doesn't seem to even want to learn basics. It's so frustrating and it is out of character which is why I'm tearing my hair out. I've raised two kids who were really easy and 4 dogs who were as well so this is all new to me. I think I'll take her to the vet and get her checked out as you suggest and try and implement the other suggestions I've been given. Tnks
  11. Training 10month Old

    Thanks so much for the advice. I'll try the things you've suggested. LOL at the paw thing. Will try that too. After I posted this we went out for a walk and when we were nearly home she decided she just wasn't going to walk any further. I was nearly in tears as she just stayed her ground and rolled over on her back and wouldn't budge. Took me about 20 mins to go from 5 houses down. Grrrr. I don't think she is playing. After reading what you've said I think it might be a mind game thing she's having with me so I'm going to have to stay strong. Thanks again.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm new here and would love some help. I rang the local training group but they're not taking any newbies till next year. I have a 10 month old golden retriever who I bought from a breeder. She was from a kennel of 18 and had had a little bit of training for the show ring. I've owned 2 goldens in the past and never had any trouble with their training but this girl has me beat. She's such a sweetie but a real stubborn one. She was a jumper when I got her but I've pretty much got that under control unless she's really excited. If I'm sitting on a chair it becomes a battle when i tell her loudly "BAH" and remove her leg. But she just continually puts her leg up again. I've had to resort to talking her outside but I don't want her to associate outside as punishment. She looks me right in the eye when she's doing it little bugga. She just will not give up until I get up and move away. I've only had her about 3 weeks and I've been doing training with her a couple of times a day. She is so absolutely stubborn and will only sit and stay when she feels like it. No amount of treats can make her do something she doesn't want to. Even walking her is a challenge as she often decides she doesn't want to walk at a particular time. She rolls over on her back and submits when I want her to do something she doesn't want to do. For instance, a walk, or trying to put her to bed at night she will just roll over and become a dead weight and not obey anything. What have I missed here and what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance