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  1. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hello all! I have not been on this forum for ages and thought I'd pop in and say hi. My great dane puppy is now almost 10 months old and 33" tall at the shoulders and over 50kgs. He is so dopey and lovely and the biggest couch potato Here is a pic of him at around 4 months:
  2. Desexing And Growth

    I decided to get my Great Dane male desexed at 4 months mainly due to the fact that he started humping (not that he knew what he was doing) and if he tried to hump one of my girl dogs, he would have had the biggest barny lol. He is now almost 10 months old 33" at his shoulders and is over 50kgs. He is slim and lanky and has a slender head. He is the biggest gentle giant and such a couch potato! hehe
  3. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    I love his colouring and I am definitely well aware of the risks involved in white dogs and I do monitor him to make sure he is ok
  4. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    I have checked him right over, his eyes aren't droopy nor do they look too small, he completely closes them when he sleeps, he doesn't favour one side of his body and his hearing is great :D even though it is early days, i am still very happy with how he is developing he is such a great, kind 'couch potato' lap dog hehe
  5. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    There is another 4 month old male pup (bull arab i think) who goes to the same dog park as i go to, and he is humping mad lol like he is seriously obsessed, whereas aksel doesnt hump at all at the dog park, and only sometimes tries to hump my girls at home - but they bark at him to get off hehehe :D
  6. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hey all, No, my pup did not come with papers. I am guessing one of the reasonings behind not breeding a pied is because their skin pigment is pink which can get sunburnt???? I'm glad my boy has a fully blackened nose, but I will still need to be careful when hes out in the sun. He will be desexed, I am going to get him desexed probably around 6 months... Should I wait that long? Or should I wait longer to get him desexed? I have heard a lot of different things from different people like if you get a dane pup desexed too early then it can stun their growth etc...
  7. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    my pup is fully vaccinated question for everyone as I don't know the answer: My great dane puppy is 4 months old, and although he is a splitting image of his father, has a brown head, not black... His dad has a black head. Does this effect anything? Has anyone else ever seen brown instead of black? Is it wrong to breed a black female with a pied male?
  8. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    I have found out that there is a Great Dane meetup on Sunday at the Spit YAY!!!! My first Dane meetup! Will be lots of fun! Can't wait! ^_^
  9. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Best Melbourne Cup Prize ever!!!
  10. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hey guys, I got him from a breeder in Jimboomba and met his mum and dad, he looks identical to his dad who is 7 and still acts like a 2 year old! haha. Yes, you are quite right, his head is a dark brown to which I was suprised at too, his sister was the same with a black mask. I don't mind, I think the brown is cute ^_^. I met a brother from the previous litter who is around 11months old and he is already the size of his dad!!! His mum was a black pure dane, and his dad the same colouring as him.
  11. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Ah - now I remember - you posted pics of your merle dane x IWH in February. How is she going? Any new pics? Yes ^_^ I do have a new pic of her :D she is a scallywag heheheh ;)
  12. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    ohhh!!!! Ok cool! I'll add the group when I get home :p thanks for the tip!
  13. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hi SwaY! So the meetup is the last weekend of every month then???
  14. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hey guys! I am new to this forum, I haven't used it in about 2 years!!! I have a 4 month old Great Dane male pup called Aksel who is such a sweet heart :p Here are some pics of him: Does anyone know when the Brisbane meetup is? I heard it was at The Spit at the Gold Coast but I wasn't sure if it was this Sat or this Sun? Does anyone also have the address?
  15. Great Dane X Irish Wolfhound

    That is true, the life span of any dog is dependent on the breed, the breeder and the care of the owner. Plus pure breeds are often cared for better then crosses. If you look after your dog well regardless of it's breed you can be pretty much ensured that your dog and friend will live a long, healthy and happy life.