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  1. Aussie Pics

    Hi MissMonaro...yes that was me! How did you go that day? Maddie just loves it out there. Thank you Lyndsay and silvawilow! Kim and Adrian Maddie is 13 months
  2. Aussie Pics

    Thanks so much Blitza!
  3. Aussie Pics

    Hey Ang, Who is maddie from, she is very pretty. Hi Blitza...Thank you so much! Her sire is Myriahill Wagon Master and her Dam is Wlkabout Dusty Dawn.
  4. Aussie Pics

    Woohoo...got it figured out!
  5. Aussie Pics

    Hi Guys...it has been a while since I have been on here. A few family issues and health issues have kept me away. But here I am and I would love to share some photos of my girl Maddie. I have been doing a little herding with her. She has a ball while out there. We also had a play date with Meeka and Riff today. Was awesome to see 3 Aussies in one place!!!! Anyway here are some photos...I did reduce them but not sure if I did it right...fingers crossed! lol Ok for some reason photo bucket doesnt wanna play nice...but here is one for you and I will try and get some more up later once I have got kids in order...lol!
  6. Thank you so much Gayle!!! It is nice to know that there is hope for her...lol! I was thinking of not taking her to the dog park for a while till I know she has a better recall. Will just stick to walking her on lead. I am also trying to con the hubby to help me with walking for a little while till I have both of their pulling in control. Wish mine was born well behaved...lol! Thank you so much for your advice!!!
  7. I own a 7 month old Aussie Shepherd. I just wanted to ask advice on 2 things... 1. Recall - At home in a quite invironment she does a perfect recall! At the dog park it is a different story! Does anyone have any good advice on this. I take treats but am thinking I need to make the treat more of a draw card. I am worried about taking chicken etc down to dog park as the other dogs already maul me for the boring treats I take. She will come in some circumstances but when she is chasing another dog and I am trying to get her to come back to me as she is getting to much for the other dog she just ignores me. She has also started herding and it is the same in the pen when I am asking her to back off...she wont listen. Any suggestions or am I just expecting to much from her in these situation? 2. Walking on lead with out pulling - When we just head out for a walk (they do back off further into the walk) or walking from the car to the dog park gate both my dogs pull like crazy! I am just after tips for them not to pull. I have tried the stop and make them sit when they start pulling but I have had no luck with this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. Aussie Pics

    :p :rolleyes: Thats the reaction I got from everyone yesterday! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My husband has now nick named me Forrest...YEP...RUN FORREST RUN!!! I must have looked a real site!
  9. Aussie Pics

    Hey Meeka - Bribie sounds nice. Wonder if they have cleaned up all the oil yet? When suits you? the links - yes Maddy had an absolute blast. To start with we are running with them till they get the idea. Well I tell ya I thought I was gonna be sick...So unfit!!! I reacon I left at least 1 lung in the pen. My white legs are herendous...lol. I massage horses for a living and am always in jeans for safety (cause they sometimes add teeth to the equation) LOL! I am looking foward to trying Maddy out with water...think that will have to be a camera moment ! BTW to all who have tried to kill Meeka's ant........IM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!! :p I felt so stupid...actually looked around to make sure no one saw me...lmao!
  10. Aussie Pics

    Sounds great Meeka!!! Would love to see how both my girls go at the beach. Where is the best place to go?
  11. Aussie Pics

    Hey Guys...Having seen all the great photos in the last week or so thought I would share some of Maddy. (But I must excuse the white legs ) She has started her herding training. The photos I am adding are of her second go. She has just shown such a natural ability for it! She absolutely loves it and just wants to keep going. I have found though that she will only work for me...is this standard for this breed? The instructor was in the pen with us to start with and tried to give Maddy some instruction but she just wouldnt listen to her. Stopped working completely till I started to give her instruction and encouragement. I have heard this before but just wondering if you guys are the same. Meeka - Looks like Meeka had a great ole time. Her Dad is just gorgeous! Will have to catch up some time. Let the girls play again. thelinks - your girl is just lovely. She looks like a drowned rat...TOO CUTE!!! Im yet to take Maddy swimming. HDR - There is nothing like puppy smell!!! They are just gorgeous. You must be so proud! Leo - Your girl just looks so elegant in that photo...The next Tyra Banks! Gorgeous!
  12. Aussie Pics

    Yes Meeka, they both did very well. I am very proud of them both. maddy is just buggared! Flop herself at the back door as soon as we got home...LOL! Cant wait for next week! Thank you for the use of your crate and for the loan of your book. :D
  13. Aussie Pics

    Hey Guys...Well Meeka and I had a play date at one of the local dog parks to get the Aussies together. We had a lovely afternoon chatting while the girls ran and played. It was great to be able to sit with a fellow Aussie owner and swap stories and great also to have someones brain to pick...as I have always owned Border Collies. Sorry about the terrible photos...think I might just have to invest in a wonderful camera like Gayles...lol! If a crap photo can be taken you can guarantee it will be mine. (I am so used to taking photos of horses ) So we had Maddy, Meeka and a ring in Molly (my bitsa). Excuse Maddy's boggle eyes in the last photo...she was focused on the squeaker over my shoulder...lol !
  14. Aussie Pics

    Hey Guys, I have been a bit of a lurker lately. Just love to read how people are going just a little shy to comment. But just wanted to come on and say Leopuppy your man is just devine. My little girl is 5 months and is off to some obedience classes soon. Sign up day is tonite where hopefully I will get to meet meeka! I just wanted to ask also Maddy (my girl) is a blue merle but as her adult comes through she has like a brown tinge to the ends of her coat. Is this normal for a blue merle? She is coming to work today to get a good hydro bath then I will get some updated pics of her. Hope you all have a good day!!!
  15. Aussie Pics

    My Mum is a professional photographer and I only rang her this morning to ask her advice on a good slr camera...think I will have to go and check out the 1000D. Does the price include lenses or do you need to buy them separately? If you need to buy them separately what is a good one? Gayle you take great photos!!! The one with your cat is just lovely...she looks like she is a queen...lol!