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  1. Dog Food Full Ingredients

    What about pro plan? Any good compared to this list?
  2. Heartworm Injection

    My vet also insisted on not using it but he never mentioned any of the side effects. He just said it's not cost effective to use in a big dog and is more suited for smaller dogs and people that can't keep up with the daily or monthly tablets like some elderly etc.
  3. Belly Button Hernia

    When i got my GSD when she was a puppy she had one of those about the size of a fingernail. My vet said the same thing but wanted to charge $70. I said no way. She's now nearly two years old and it hasn't grown with her or caused any problems.
  4. Pigs' Heads As Part Of Diet?

    Yes,but only if your dog isn't so scared of it that it won't go near it. Lol i actually never even thought of worst case senerios he he he
  5. My butcher sells whole raw pigs heads. Can these be feed to dogs as a raw meaty bone? Gross
  6. Good Australian Kibble

    Arghh, its confusing. Ppl on here reccomment Uncle Alders and Great Barko to be good and others say its equalvilant to maccas. i'll have to move to the wilderness and teach her to hunt
  7. Good Australian Kibble

    Thanks for all the info guys. I might give supercoat a miss next time, she does crap alot and no matter how much food i feed her she still looks a bit skinny. (she gets 1kg Scotty's Premiun dog roll and about 2ltr biscuits a day and a whole egg and shell everyone couple of days !!! ) Plus good quality scraps now and again from leftovers in the fridge. I've tried hills but she wouldnt eat it and its too expensive and advance same there.
  8. Good Australian Kibble

    If buying top quality food is out of the question due to finacial reasons, such as Eagle Pack, Advance, etc what would an ok food be? I would never settle for pedigree but would supercoat be ok? i know it has some ceral in it?
  9. The five electives, 1) Obedience (they have now made that part of the main course) 2) Assistance 3) Scent 4) tracking and trailing 5) Working in kennels if i remember correctly TB, what part are you having trouble understanding?
  10. It's funny you should say that targeting might come in handy. Sometimes my dog won't come when called cause she thinks she's in a game where she can't get caught by me so i hold out my hand and tell her to 'touch' and she will always come to that and touch ????
  11. mmm maybe they keep changing the structure. the only part that annoyed me was that i had to pay so much money to get the dog there, because it was good to have hands on experience with other dogs, oh well, i now just think of it as an experience for my dog if i ever have to kennel her and fly her, (she was only 6months at the first block)
  12. I've done both blocks and was told to bring a dog. So i took my dog (all the way from qld) both times only to have her sit in the kennels most of the week. I do agree though using other dogs is great experience but they could have told us not to bring dogs. Cost me $350 both trips to Melbourne for just her.
  13. Yes, she is there to fix a particular problem but she said she starts with teaching the dog to walk and listen to you first. And yes, she uses the body to control the dog as well, for instance, if the dog walks to fast she would put her body infront of the dog... She also has this thing where all the dogs of people she is training come together for 2hrs (about 20 dogs) every week to be part of 'a pack’. According to K9’s recent posting (think it was the socialisation one) this is not a good thing to do to those dogs as there would be dominance issues etc
  14. Well i have only had her over once and we worked on walking. My dog walks fine by my side on a check chain and if she starts getting in front a simple 'argh' sets her right (usless there's a distraction) She used a slip cotton collar lead and had my dog and she did nothing but try and pull with her. Then she put my dog on the long cotton line and when the dog got to the end she would stand on it stopping the dog. i'm not sure if my dog will ever get it with this method? i guess her method works as she used to train movie animals
  15. I have just recently had a professional trainer over to help with my doggy problem. She has a method where she uses her energy to control the dog, and using natural fibre leads and collars so the energy can flow. Check chains are out and so are short, sharp commands, along with brides, food, toys and rewards and only long low words can be used. If trying to train an energetic easily distracted dog should i be using methods using + and - reinforcement and punishment etc. Sorry for being vague on her methods but i don't really understand it.