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  1. Yoghurt

    I didnt know pumpkin was ok for dogs. i always wanted to get my dog her own pumpkin for halloween but i didnt think it would be safe for her..
  2. General Heath Information

    This post is somthing have been lookng for a long time now. thnkas everyone for all of the tips and pointers about everything you should know about products for your dogs. also i had a quick question - on my dogs toes right where the nail starts to be covered by the hair, that part, hopefully im explaing this right but its been getting kind of buised it looks sometimes like dry blood. i keep her nails trimmed very well and i thought that that would help. It has gotten a little better but i dont know what it is from does anyone have a suggestion or reason why this happens?? It would be greatly appreciated
  3. What My Vet Said About Fleas

    Thanks for all the advice everyone, i just got over a really big flea invasion and used advantage, and some stuff i pick up at the pet store for the house. Hopefull thats the end of it until next year or never would be nice
  4. Tick Information

    yea thanks for the heads up about the tick season, great information, it should be pinned