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  1. Haha....I have a mini schnauzer here too, the smallest dog Ive ever owned. He thinks he's the boss of them all. Its very easy to trip over the smaller dogs though , they tend to get under your feet !
  2. He's a very mini wolfie x at 25 kgs but anything a bit scruffy seems to go quickly. We can take him Maree if needed :)
  3. If you still have them I'm sure W Wyalong would love them...... Bland Shire council Attention Frank Himsley 6-8 Shire st West Wyalong, 2671
  4. I also deal with SODR and have found them to be excellent :) Have no idea in regards to adoptions though but if they commit to putting their name on a poundie they will take the dog regardless of healthy and happy to pay for vet treatment even before its left pound. I would imagine re adoptions they will do whats best for the dog.
  5. Ive just been asked for some large ones by the Walgett ranger if anyone has any to spare please. Thanks heaps in advance :) This is address to send to.... Louise Fowler Regulatory Officer Walgett Shire Council PO Box 31 77 Fox Street Walgett NSW 2832
  6. Im going away for 2 weeks but happy to list here if needed MUP. Obviously I wont be able to physically go to pounds like you did but if the rangers can email pics and profiles we can keep up the listings.
  7. Very sad...I never met him either but had the pleasure of talking to him quite frequently. Lovely man, he will be taking care of all the dogs at the bridge now...xx
  8. Brilliant news MUP The letters must have done some good !!
  9. Here I am,lol. Love all your gorgeous coats Panto :) Im thinking maybe Forbes pound could do with some medium size coats if you any..... Attn Andrew Hubbard (ranger ) 2 Court Street, Forbes NSW 2871 also Walgetts address too.........Attn Ranger Louise,Walgett Shire Council 77 Fox Street,Walgett Shire Council PO Box 31 Walgett NSW 2832 Do you want me to let you know when next transport run to Sydney is planned ?
  10. Is this for the dogs that Marshall took on Monday Maree or another lot ?
  11. That would be great MUP if we can get some wormers sent to the pounds. Walgett dogs are always very bad and ticks too
  12. Brilliant guys huntrox...send your coats to MUP for her pounds Walgett now has a new ranger , female, so much more likely to put coats on them hopefully. They will be getting a parcel for the pups and smalls soon (thanks heaps Powerlegs ) Panto.....Marshall can meet up with you in Prestons whenever he's doing a run and from there they can be distributed to Wyalong, Walgett, Forbes, Temora, Junee and any others he might pick up from in between,lol
  13. Will pm you details for Walgett and the local carer up there...they will love some Im sure . Thankyou so much Anna...x
  14. Wonderful Maree So good to see the before and after pics where they look so happy
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