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  1. Litters Due May 2015

    The Puppies are growing quickly. All of them at 4 weeks of age.
  2. Litters Due May 2015

    The Puppies arrived on Saturday afternoon. 9 All up 5 girls and 4 boys all black and tan.
  3. Litters Due May 2015

    I have a litter of Finnish Lapphund puppies due May 11th.
  4. Litters Due January 2015

    Neme decided that she could not wait for 2015 and had the puppies overnight. 7 all up 2 cream 2 domino 3 Black and Tan ( could have possible wolf sable). 4 girls 3 boys.
  5. Litters Due January 2015

    Neme's babies getting closer to being ready to be born.
  6. Litters Due January 2015

    It is possible. She does not particularly like fireworks. She is massivly fat already with 3 weeks to go so maybe she will go a little early when she runs out of room.
  7. Litters Due January 2015

    I have a litter of Lappies due on the 2nd of January. I can see her havng them on new years eve.
  8. Rising Stars For 2013....

    My boy Ukko has done a fair bit of winning for me over some older competition. He is fun to show even though sometimes he likes to tell everyone how great he is. He has managed to win two Minor puppy in groups. Here is my girl Neme all grown up.
  9. Spitz Breeds

    Congrats on the impending new Bub Pip.
  10. Adelaide Royal

    I did the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide and enjoyed the show alot. I was very happy to come home with a reserve bitch challenge with my 10 month old homebred girl who also won Puppy of breed over my 6 month old co-owened import boy from Norway. My little boy showed like a star was not phased by the crowds or the 2 days showing and found thousands of new best friends in the public.
  11. Alera And Her Puppies

    I got to catch up with my Blue boy on the weekend now called Ari. He is growing into a lovely young boy. Neme has grown into a big girl as well.
  12. I am making the trip up for these shows.
  13. Spitz Breeds

    I have not been on much recently. Neme is growing up. She got 3rd in her class at the recent Lappie champ show with a lovely critique and graded Excellent. The house hold has been joined by a new boy. Ukko (A is for Awesome(Imp Nor)) he is a lovely boy imported from Norway and co-owned by myself and Lappie mum.
  14. Rising Stars For 2013....

    Here is my new import boy imported as a coowened boy with my friend. Ukko (A is for Awesome (IMP NOR) he hits the ring for the first time Saturday at the Finnish Lapphund Specialty.
  15. Alera And Her Puppies

    It is getting harder to tell them apart. Neme still has a bit of puppy fluff atm so that helps but I do get them mixed up a bit.