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  1. I live on acreage so it's prob a fair bit different But we have a puppy pen up near the house for when pups first come home (we have Ridgebacks also) With crate training at night until they are a little older Then when a few months have passed they get moved down to the dog runs. I like them to learn to be confident when alone and not to have to rely on the other dogs to be happy. They're allowed out to free range when we are home so we can keep an eye on them and make sure they're safe and not into mischief. And being locked up when we are not home stops anyone accusing them of chasing livestock when we are out. We know they're safe and sound when we are gone. Our latest puppy (ridgeback bitch) also has a crate as her bed in her she'd in her dog run She loves her crate and when I take her to shows it's no hassle crating her when needed as she is used to it. And out of the 7 acres we live on the 3 dogs spend most time when out of the run lying at the back door near where we are. Good luck with your new family member Cheers Janet
  2. Yep one lady dos here ask for business card And took a photo of the card produced it had muhammed and a phone number that wasn't Australian. She has posted that on FB too
  3. Reports of people trying to access houses by saying they're fitting down lights for a Goverment initiative only when asked for ID they either get aggressive or they leave. There are photos of the vehicle these people are driving are now circulating FB in the local areas Warrnambool Terang and Port Fairy. Let's hope they catch these scumbags
  4. Well it's been a while since anyone was in here Thought I'd do a quick check in Jess. I'm pretty sure I saw you last night at Harris street training your dogs. (I heard you call one of your dogs Darcy so was a bit of a give away along with the signage on your vehicle lol) I was up there with a ridgeback puppy doing some show training. Looked like you were havin fun. The Warrnambool dog show is on next weekend and is Asha my pups debut. Could be interesting. ROFL What is everyone else up to these days ? Cheers Janet
  5. Quite simply why set up the dog to fail. One small nip and it's all the dogs fault. When in fact that's so far from the truth. Yes beautifully tempered dog but everyone and everything has its breaking point. And it's not as if the child was being gentle. I'd be pretty peeved if ANYONE did that to any of my dogs.
  6. Wow there are some seriously cute puppy dogs out there. Not sure how you all manage to get them to sit still with all their costumes on tho lol
  7. ThanKS guys, I ordered a lfine eather slip from good old eBay and its arrived. I tried it on her today and she didn't seem to mind it. So will see how it goes at her first show and take it from there. Cheers Janet
  8. Not great as the brat wouldn't sit still and more interest in eating the headband than wearing it lol Cheers Janet
  9. Ok guys I have a question for you in the know. My girl has her first show in Jan. What do I show her in flat collar snake chain martingale ect. She is only a baby but a big baby
  10. Introducing Asha Our new Rhodesian Ridgeback girl Cheers Janet
  11. Perhaps not my next dog But my bucket list dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog. :love: :love: I'm hoping it won't be a while tho as we have only had our newest family member for nearly 2 weeks. And our oldest is only 6. And I think I will always want a ridgie around.
  12. Introducing Asha. The latest member of the gang. So far I'm totally :love:
  13. Thanks Roova. We are all so so excited. Car is packed with everything she may need for her trip home. And we leave in 20 minutes ????
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