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  1. I forgot to announce that after 11 years after the death of my lovely Kira (husky) I have brought a husky puppy. I got Emma when she was 8 weeks old. She is 10.5 weeks now. She a naughty little shit:laugh: but we love her. Will be taking her to puppy pre-school this Saturday. 


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  2. I live with Sasha’s mum. Margaret is my housemate and BFF. I miss our Sashy so much. I played with her every day and I miss that:(

    She was a amazing dog. When she was younger she was our chief insect spotter:laugh: She will be playing with my Kira(husky) in doggy heaven:heart: Sashy passed away on my birthday:(:rainbowbridge:

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  3. 2 hours ago, Papillon Kisses said:

    Do consider the dog door itself. Does it have a hard flap which might be hurting your dog’s body or face (swap to a soft flap); is it high up and your dog has to leap through it like an obstacle (add a stair on either side). I’ve seen some interesting installations where it’s little wonder the dog would rather wait for their human to open the door!

    It’s a soft door. It was high but was able to lower it by about 2.5 inches 

  4. Hello all. We have a cav which we have trained to use our doggy door. She used it fine for a week but now she barks at us to use the doggy door. I have to get up and point at the door for her to use it. We want her to use it without any barking. 
    Any help would be great. 

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