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    This is Kira. I still miss her terribly.
  2. As the title says. I’m looking for a Australian artist to draw/paint our Sashy who passed away last June.
  3. A few weeks ago. Emma passed puppy pre-school
  4. I forgot to announce that after 11 years after the death of my lovely Kira (husky) I have brought a husky puppy. I got Emma when she was 8 weeks old. She is 10.5 weeks now. She a naughty little shit but we love her. Will be taking her to puppy pre-school this Saturday.
  5. Rest In Peace beautiful little girl I will miss our hilarious arguments and cuddle puppy time
  6. How about Whip Get it. Whip Cream and he is a Whippet
  7. I live with Sasha’s mum. Margaret is my housemate and BFF. I miss our Sashy so much. I played with her every day and I miss that She was a amazing dog. When she was younger she was our chief insect spotter She will be playing with my Kira(husky) in doggy heaven Sashy passed away on my birthday
  8. Lacey is using the doggy door on her own without barking about 95% of the time. Which we are very happy with. She is our little genius. It just took time and she realised she can just use it on her own.
  9. It’s a soft door. It was high but was able to lower it by about 2.5 inches
  10. I heard her bark once. I ignored her. After about 2 minutes she went out. Hours later she barked to go out. We ignored her. She kept on barking. Grrrr. We told her to go out. She did.
  11. Hello all. We have a cav which we have trained to use our doggy door. She used it fine for a week but now she barks at us to use the doggy door. I have to get up and point at the door for her to use it. We want her to use it without any barking. Any help would be great.
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