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  1. Greyhounds

    Last plea for help voting for Biscuit to win a years supply of dog food. If he wins we will be donating it to help rescue and rehome more greyhounds as pets. I need more votes we are being beaten by a Dingo! Please get your family friends pet budgie all involved lets show them how passionate us greyhound owners can be............. Sharing is also welcome. Thankyou all very much Please click the link LIKE the link then click vote for me on biccys photo then click sign in with facebook and done everyone one vote helps. https://www.facebook.com/EukanubaAustralia/app_243208869114795?app_data=EntryObjReferral%252fentryID%3d238416bc-2925-4fb1-b8dc-bbbb1385f487%257ctype%3dgallery
  2. Greyhounds

    http://www.facebook.com/kellie.liddell1#!/EukanubaAustralia/app_243208869114795?app_data=FBEntryReferral%2FentryID%3D238416bc-2925-4fb1-b8dc-bbbb1385f487%7Ctype%3Dgallery Please follow all the links and it seems that phone votes dont count so you will need to be on a main computer. Click like eukunuba then find biccys photo he is coming out of a yellow tunnel then click vote for me then click sign in with facebook and if your vote counted you will end up with biccy on your front page. I am very greatful to everyone who has put in a vote our greyhounds are very specail to each and everyone of us. Thankyou Very Much
  3. Greyhounds

    I thought I had seen that pic before... Biscuit = Friends of the Hound Mister April ... very handsome boy. Yes he is Mister April lololol He is one sexy boy Please guys can you all get behind Biscuit share the link vote vote vote annoy all your friends (like me lololol) get them all involved let them know that if he wins all food will be donated to Friends of the Hound to help more greyhounds get homes.
  4. Greyhounds

    Thankyou guys we are in the lead at the moment but still have weeks to go so please get all your friends to just vote once and that will be a huge help. Thankyou everyone for your effort I am honoured to own such a beautiful greyhound as you all know how wonderful a pet they are. Love Biscuit
  5. Greyhounds

    Wonderful thankyou we are 7 behind at this stage......Keep sharing and voting guys
  6. Greyhounds

    Hi All you amazing greyhound owners and rescures. Could you please all go and vote for Biscuit to win a years supply of dog food and if he wins it will all be donated to Friends of the Hound who rescured Biscuit as a puppy. http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=243208869114795 You have to like Eukanuba then find Biscuit and click the Vote for me on his photo( he is coming out of a yellow tunnel) and then you have to click sign in with facebook........ Please help feed much needed foster greyhounds. Thankyou kindest regards Mechalle and Biscuit CCD, JDX, SD, SPD, GD, AD, ET
  7. Greys Adoption

    Hi I am really sorry you have had such a bad experience, please dont be put off helping these amazing dogs, beleive me you will get alot more out of these beautiful dogs than you will ever know. I have been a foster career for greyhounds for both GAP and Friends of the Hound I also have 2 resuce greyhounds from Friends a 9 and half year old girl and a 3 and half year old boy. Neither could be more different to each other. My old girl is happy to be the princess with just the odd zoomies or a walk and then retire to the lounge/bed. My boy is mad as a cut snake and such a happy go lucky social butterfly that I do agility with him and obeidence. Like all dogs they have there personality and temperment and even when you opt to foster the organisation will only place dogs which fit YOUR familys animals and surroundings. They will not put an active dog into a house where you dont like to walk and walk and vise verser. So if you require a dog with a bit of spunk they will do there best to find that personality for you. So when the time is ready and you really what to either foster or adopte please tell them everything you need in the dog so that the right dog finds it's forever home. Rememeber to ask lots and lots of questions and if they are not happy to answer then that organisation is not right for you. Both my dogs have been crate trained and are happy to be in them. We have just spent 6 days in Tamworth competing in agiltiy and both my dogs had to spend time in there crates while I walked courses and helped out and we got our old girl at 4 so you can train them to accept anything providing you put in the time and make it rewarding for them like all other dogs. Wishing you all the best.
  8. Greyhounds

    I am so proud to announce that Biscuit yesterday received his finally qually (5) and first place earning Jumping Dog Excellence title. He will now be playing with the big boys in Masters Jumpers. I am excited and alittle scraed but I am sure we will have lots of fun and learn heaps as we go. So my little poppet is now to known as Biscuit CCD, JD, SD, ET, JDX.
  9. Greyhounds

    Thanks guys he is one very special greyhound and I so love him to bits and now he is going to have a lovely rest to recope and regroup and then we will get back to tackling his CD title!
  10. Endurance Test 2011 Thread

    We are home from an amazing endurance test at Laidley with my greyhound who passed! Woooo hoooo who would have thought a race breed dog could become an endurance dog. You are something special Biscuit I am so proud of you.
  11. Greyhounds

    So proud to announce that my amazing Biscuit hubby and I completed and passed our 20klms endurance test this morning so the little poppet will now be know as Biscuit CCD JD SD ET.. He did greyhounds proud everywhere, you my little man are amazing.
  12. Brisbane Woofstock Dolers Meet

    Thankyou for part of the video of Biscuit he is a crack up lolololol
  13. Buying A New Crate

    Pet Homes also sell at Durack and on ebay with pickup at Moorooka. I have bought both there soft and metal crates and have not had any problems with them. Good luck.
  14. Greyhounds

    Well we had our frist go at Rally O today and proud to announce that Biscuit got 3rd out of 22 dogs. Heaps of fun cant wait for more to come up.
  15. Greyhounds

    Wow where has the time gone! Happy birthday Pearl Ziggy and Candy lots of hugs and kisses off Checke and Biscuit