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  1. This is still available if anybody wants it.
  2. PM me your address and if a showie doesn't claim it tonight it's in the mail to you in the morning :)
  3. I thought this might find a home quicker in here. If it's in the wrong spot please let me know. I entered my GSP in the Royal this year and can't go now, received the package in the mail today and had the idea rather than tossing the pass out thought someone might have a use for them. The parking pass is for a car only.
  4. Well done everyone. Such a great start to the year for all.
  5. Took me 33 trials to get our first leg - then only 6 to get her title. So you're right once you get the first one it can happen quickly. And I eventually realized that the best dogs and handlers get duck eggs in UD. If it was easy there'd be "Useful Dogs" everywhere LOL
  6. Kath, I remember reading about all your UD woes, and then you finally cracking that UD! And to now, it seems like she is still consistent enough to pass each time you trial? (bugger the scores weren't enough for OC legs!) You give me hope!!! Please tell me it will get easier Well done on your year It gets easier!! I think a lot of our earlier problems were in my head. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we were actually doing UD and we belonged there so I let the team down. Once we got our first leg though and a friend worked on my head it seemed to click.It certainly made me a better trainer
  7. Well we got some of these :). Coco got her Tracking CH making her a dual Ch. Still can't believe that. Only managed three UD trials this year (me bad) and each time so close but not quite the 185s we need - most likely my fault not hers ??? Became Peggy the piglet. Most over the top puppy I have ever had arrived in our life in May. Foundations are going well and she seems to be loving it. Got into the show ring with her and started on the long road to a show title (only 70 points to go LOL) Sorted Pips health issues and she remains supreme couch dog.. So not too bad a year thanks to the dogs I kept to a similar level of insanity and you can't ask for more than that
  8. Well done biker girl. Those RAEs show true dedication. Yay RS. So close in UD. It will come :)
  9. Little brag for the pocket rocket Coco. Last night went up to Nanango for our last trial of the year and despite no training to speak of and only her third time out since tracking finished she got the only quallie in the whole trial, there was high wind, lots of prickles and the icing on the cake was the fireworks. It was also the happiest I have seen her in a trial ring this year she was yodeling high jumping and turning whirly gigs in between exercises.
  10. What a wonderful achievement!!!13 ! From what I can remember about about being 13 I was lucky to get my dads dog to walk on lead. Congratulations
  11. Group 4. Best Pharoah hound, Reserve Basset, Puppy Saluki and Baby Dakkie
  12. Well done Ness! What an achievement for Kenz after all she has go e through
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