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  1. Boarding Kennel Staff Needed

    Think we have it sorted . Thanks Had a great response. Deb
  2. Boarding Kennel Staff Needed

    Great looking forward to receiving it.. )
  3. Goodbye Monte Bear

    Only just saw this.......sending hugs Anne.....we have chatted when you were doing your pug rescue and I was helping here with mine... Gilbert my little rescue guy is just amazing and bring such a funny love to the place... Hugs to you all.. Deb
  4. Hello I hope this is allowed to be advertised here. We are looking for a special person to work on a casual basis (including some weekends) at our resort on the Central Coast NSW at Kangy Angy (Wyong). Experience preferred and a love of dogs a must......we are hands on and spend the entire day cleaning,playing and socializing with our guests and attending to their needs. Duties include cleaning kennels , general health and grooming , phone enquiries and bookings. Car and drivers licence essential to get to and from work. Please send enquiries to [email protected] Thank you
  5. Interstate Transport

    Thanks everyone...I feel a lot better nw in having her flown... Was concidering driving down and back...seemed a bit extreme..... I will purchase a crate so I lknow its unused.. Thanks all so much
  6. Interstate Transport

    Thank you.....
  7. Interstate Transport

    Hi, I am looking at buying a puppy from Melbourne and will need to fly it to Sydney Have been told Jetpets are great.....has anyone done this with a 9 week old puppy? I am concerneded that a baby flying may be in danger of picking up something...? Yes I m extremly paranoid...heheheh
  8. Pound Rounds?

    So Hawksberry wont let a forum like here have dogs listed anymore...I dont understand?
  9. R.i.p. Waif

    I did the same thing a few years ago with little Grandpa...Pa for short.... He had 4 months of love and knew that we were here to give him the bestest time in his final ÿears".... very rewarding for him and me.
  10. I would say your vet is right by your pics...same beautiful coat as my pedigree raggy.......he is a red point where mine is blue...what a sweetie.. thanks for looking out for him...Raggies are completly inside cats....always...no road sence or preditor fear.....they are easily killed by dogs ...... good luck with his new home they are very lucky to have him...
  11. Jen Jen

    I remember little Jen Jen and was so happy when seniors were able to get her....sad for your loss.
  12. She probably could have or organised someone else to do so but I am the phone to his owner (bawling her eyes out) as I type and a lovely foster carer from CARA has a space for him.. Thanks everyone for the messages and calls - it looks like the lad is OK... I sent another one as I have a couple with a little shihtzu x who are looking to add to the family....if we can get him to the wyong with a current c5 certificate I can have hi here ...... If he has care with cara thats great....but if he needs a forever home....this may be it.
  13. sent you a pm..........)
  14. 2 Dogs Need Homes

    Great minds think alike...) .....its pug paradise at the "farm
  15. Dog Minding

    Hello, I think the kennel you are asking about may be mine.. Just Like Home Pet resort at Kangy Angy near Wyong. We only take the small medium up to Cocker size. We are also breed specific so if you have a look at our web site you may like to give us a call. www.justlikehomepetresort.com.au I am Deb the owner. If its not us sorry for butting in..) :O0