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  1. Tcv Tracking Weekend - Shepp.

    I went in 2009 and I'm thinking about going again this year - feel free to pm.
  2. Tracking

    Thanks for the heads up on this, Bully - I've been thinking about getting that book for years, but haven't got around to it - just ordered it - too good a bargain to miss. Thanks. Beware! This book may change life as you currently know it.
  3. Tracking

    People don't seem to post a lot in this thread and I think I know why! Trackers are just too busy combing the countryside in search of reasonably-willing tracklayers and places to track that don't have too many off-leash dogs, rabbit warrens, swooping magpies, protective plovers, snakes or joggers. They also spend way too much time testing wind direction and adjusting their planned tracks to suit. I know of one tragic individual who is even trying to design a pocket wind sock. Thanks for recommending the Leerburg DVD, Staranais; I'm looking into it.
  4. Tracking

    The first two weeks of the Johnson Method consist of 3 (graduating) tracks that are completed and then repeated twice. I have just started and I am finding it a challenge to organise the time/space/wind/daylight etc but it's worth it - I think.
  5. Tracking

    It's taking me a while to sort the "method" from the "anecdotes" in the Glen Johnson book but I'm a fan of the fact that there is a published method that is based on tested theory and experience. I am actually getting serious about starting the regime and would love some comments from people who have tried it - like how you fitted it into your life and did you do the 9 daily tracks all together or did you split them up?
  6. Royal Canin Gsd

    Does anyone have any idea how long this "situation " might last? I have been able to get hold of enough GSD24 to last (normally) about 2 months - or I could s-t-r-e-t-c-h it a little if need be.
  7. Royal Canin Gsd

    It's times like this that I really wish there was a comparable Aussie-made product - or that I was brave enough to go 100% BARF.
  8. Does anyone know anything about difficulties sourcing the R/C (adult) GSD food due to " a problem on the wharf in France"?
  9. How Do You Walk Your Dog?

    I like my dog to be at my left side. As I keep to the left of the path/track this keeps her out of the way of overtaking cyclists and oncoming canine-phobes. It also makes it easier to pass oncoming dogs that are taking their owners for a walk.
  10. Problem Eater - Dobe

    My GSD girl had some "no eating" episodes when she was a few months old - it turned out that she had an infection in her mouth - discovered under general anaethetic when she was speyed. She hadn't shown the symptoms you have listed either.
  11. What Would You Do?

    I do feel for you Furbabies! Is emigrating an option?
  12. As the owner of a much-loved dog who lost her collar (with rego tag) while I was actually walking her on lead, this Bill really scares me.
  13. My Maltese Is Getting De-sexed Tomorrow :(

    I love Cesar Milan's attitude to this. It's something like "This is the best thing that can happen to a dog!"
  14. Letters sent. Does anyone know why Dogs Victoria have taken a "She'll-be-right" attitude to this? (message from the President on the Dogs Vic website)
  15. I've just read this and it's taking me a while to get my head around it. I'm sure I responded to a government survey a few months ago in which I pointed out that certain proposals were not acceptable - with what I thought were decent reasons. It seems like the proposals have just been turned into a Bill. Anyhow, I'm working on a letter.