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  1. that made me really laugh >) I would put pepper down where he is pooing. Weird ,Leigh is now doing that to,and she walk's and pooes/weee's ,but i think she is stressed,looks like she is in for a operation,she seems to have torn a crucial ligament,sad and sorry part is i slipped on a grape (i little grape) 2 years ago,and have had both knee's already done.so i think she wants to be like mum.
  2. o BTW,Leigh is now trained to go out-side,if we are away along time,both her and MinMin go in the bath-room near the drain or in the shower,i once had a cat that used the loo !!! U MUST-repeat MUST socialise ur boy,that a key issue.
  3. leigh used to do that to,but now the pee's are big 1s.LOL Puppy school,if u dont have the time is great. I love leigh,she is totally awesom and a total dag.
  4. Miss MinMIn has a dirt back-side to,we just trim her bottom to keep it clean.
  5. I was watching as Min tryed to get out,calling her back,silly Niomie was calling her to "make it" Ross got her as soon as she got thrue. MinMin is kinda OK,the vet cant find why she was bleeding at all-and will release her 2night after another anal test,if its still bleeding he will do bloods on her,as she is very small-he said its *odd* .i said that fits well with us,coz we are *odd* to-lol, The only thing she has going for her is that small,fluffy,white dogs do tend to bleed alot....... I remember 1 other vist (different vet) they said "small /white /fluffy dogs tend to be sook's -LOL
  6. Thanks everyone,it help's just knowing ppl know how u feel
  7. sorry for spelling error's
  8. MinMin is in hospital,last night she was pretty listless,but we though it was because she got in trouble for getting out under the back gate.(she was shaking as well,but she does get upset when you rouse on her) This morning Ross found a poo with blood true it ,we did think it was parvo, but she wasn't as listless as the night before. We took her to the vets this morning,and he inserted his finger in her bottom,even he was astounded by the blood that came out ,he had already said what he "thought" it might be and after the exemption he is pretty much thinking the same way,either a rip in h
  9. Chills just run down my spine ! How would the humans like this ? not so well i think. Kreepy at 6mths,had 1 baby tooth left,the vet was going to pull it when she got de-sexed,but it came out before. I just had my teeth pulled,and it hurts ! ,i cant imagain how the dogs would feel no pain ?
  10. rish

    Home Remedy's ?

    Thanks ,i have been further than this board
  11. rish

    Home Remedy's ?

    We seen her,we got the 1st lot of med's then,but she doesn't want them to take Quaterzone for to long as it shortens the life span.............so recommended the kid's med's she also told us that it was eczem. I agree with bathing (drying out/taking oils from the skin),so i have just been rubbing it (anti-scratch) onto there skin and under the arm;s *front leg's* The oils (omega5/6/9 ) don't seem to be helping at all.
  12. rish

    Home Remedy's ?

    We have noticed that Min really goes at it with a roll in the grass,but we cant remove that! I just gave her 5ml of medication,and she is over it,it's also ment to last 24hrs (in a child) yet it seems to be a 12 hrs cover in the dog's
  13. rish

    Home Remedy's ?

    Min and Kreepy do,but they are sister's,and Kreepy isnt so bad. Leigh hasn't any prob's
  14. Does anybody have any home remedy for exma (sp) ? At the moment im giving them ZYRTEC and OMEGA Oil's 3/6 + 9 And they need to be bathed in "Anti itch" 3 time's daily. Now im happy to do all of this,but im not really keen on keeping them on medication,and they tend to itch anyway ! I would cut Mins coat,but its starting to get cold,and Kreepy has 1/2 the top of her body with hair and the lower 1/2 she has fuzz (she looks so weird !) So anything idea's i could try ?
  15. We had Min home for about 1 hr before i noticed she had no teeth Poor gummy bear, i would have taken her back to the owner's but she managed to eat OK,it was canned dog food (for puppy's-MY DOG i think ).
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