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  1. Bonus. The CS yesterday was good too, only had to wait a couple of minutes and he was very friendly. I could also hear a dog barking in the background. :laugh:
  2. Mine was the same, no confirmation but I rang them yesterday just to confirm as the first premium wasn't taken out of my account. :)
  3. I've kept my PP cover just for the next month until the 30 day waiting period with BWM is over. Probably overly cautious but it would be just my luck for one of them to get ill. :laugh: Not technically out any money as my first month of BWM is free. :)
  4. Hmm that sucks! I don't mind an increase each year which is typical of insurances but the ones they've had the last couple of years have been monumental. Hopefully the industry has stabilised a bit now.
  5. BWM one month free code is available here, expires Jan 31 http://www.aucouponcodes.com.au/bow-wow-insurance.html
  6. If you do decide to go with BWM google discount codes to get the first month free.
  7. Gosh even if they do go up I'll be ahead of the game not being with PetPlan. $600 a year is a huge saving!
  8. 4darlingdogs - did you query the reason for the premium increase?
  9. Okay just signed up for BWM. Moose was $41 and Nacho was $26!! I'll be saving $50 a month!
  10. Sorry by coverage I just meant that BWM only covers up to $12k as opposed to PIA $15k. This isn't a huge financial issue for me though, I could absorb the difference if it came to it. As there is a 30 day waiting period for illnesses, do you keep the old cover for 30 days?
  11. Lol S_A, I just typed it up in Excel and took a screenshot. I need it all laid out to make sense. :laugh: I think it's really important to go through the PDS with a fine tooth comb before signing up to make sure you're satisfied with what you're buying. I'm torn between BWM and PIA. I'd prefer BWM based on customer satisfaction and reviews but the policy coverage just isn't as good as PIA. What to doooo?
  12. Great post S_A! I have spent most of the afternoon doing comparisons and this is what I came up with (Chihuahuas). I'm currently with Pet Plan but looking to change after the 50% premium increase last year. PIA is looking like a good option. Has anyone that's changed policies applied to have the cruciate ligament 6 mth waiting period waived? Not sure whether to apply or just risk it.
  13. I'm in WA but this is what happened to me. One neighbour objected (even though his dog is the worst!) but the council didn't particularly care. They just told him if he had an issue to keep a diary and make a formal complaint. They gave me a permit. :)
  14. I prefer a slightly longer nose myself. Moose and Nacho are both a bit of a combo, apple heads but longer noses.
  15. I look at it from a worse case scenario perspective, say treatment costing $10'000 (let's presume the claim would be honoured). 1. Use a credit card and then spend years paying it back, with interest. 2. Put the $58/mth into a savings account in which case it would take me 14 years (essentially the lifetime of the dog) to save up to cover the treatment. 3. Pay insurance and not have to worry about the worst case scenario. Options 1 and 2 require me to cover the whole 10k out of my own pocket. Option 3 means I don't have to pay anything out of my own pocket beyond premiums and excesses. S
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