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    I love my family, friends and all things that make me smile.<br />I enjoy reading, listening to music and ebay.<br /><br />I hate people who abuse, neglect and mistreat animals...i wish that i could do more!<br /><br />I am easy going, friendly and love to chat!!

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  1. Boe was returned to the pound yesterday
  2. Hi Guys, Long storey so i will try and shorten it. A lady I know has recently adopted an 11 year old Kelpie boy from the pound. He was surrended by previous owner for fence jumping and constantly escaping. He only did one night at the pound and was adopted the very next day. The problem is they weren't kidding when they said fence jumper, he has escaped his new home daily. This lady only works part time so he on only left home for a few hours at a time. Anyway, fast forward she has had enough and can't keep going with him and is saying she will be taking him back to the pound today. Any chance anyone can fit this boy in? He is so friendly, he has been around my cats and didn't care at all. I think in addition to the fence jumping his behaviour is being reinforced by alot of us in the community as when he escapes he is getting lots of attention, he is meeting up with families at the park and getting fed morning tea..people are taking him inside and feeding him..he is having a great old time!
  3. I rang the pound and they have no record of this dog! The lady I spoke to said that if the dog was chipped (which she was because the vet nurse scanned her and that's how we knew she was 8 and listed as Ridgeback cross, she also commented that she had been brought in to the clinic on another occasion that she remembered after again being found in that state by a member of the public) that she probably juts took the dog home. This dog was deathly skinny you could see every bone in her body, and unless she was missing and roaming the streets for weeks she is probably being uncared for by her owners.... Don't know what else I can do...but I just cant get the image of her out of my head. Is it actually possible that the ranger took her home? Even though she was chipped shouldn't she have gone to the pound??
  4. Thanks I will check out the FB page. How is Tara cat doing? Hearing and seeing her storey all those years ago broke me heart. I remember the outcome was that she went to live with a vet friend of yours. I hope she is well and living out the rest of her days free and happy. xx
  5. Hi all, Yesterday while I was taking my cat the vet in Penrtih/ Nepean a young chap brought it the skinniest saddest looking dog I have ever seen. I started talking to the guy and the vet nurse, the guy had found the dog the previous day wandering the streets and brought her in to see if she was chipped. Vet nurse checked for chip and confirmed that she had one, she was listed as Ridgeback x and that the dog had been brought in to same vet clinic for same reasons..found wondering the street and starving. She said the dog was 8 years old..to me she was the size of a adolescent pup. I Think she said her name was bella...or something starting with b The guy that brought her in wanted to adopt her and was absolutely in love with her. Yesterday arvo when I went to pick my cat up a different nurse said that the council had already picked her up and she was taken to pound. Hopefully this means the owners are surrendering her and she can have a chance at a life without misery. Last night as I fed, played with and tucked my furry babies into bed this poor girls eyes were haunting me..they were so big and beautiful but so very sad Does anyone have any info on her, I know some of you work closely with HP pound. I would like to donate some money towards her rescue..i don't have much but would still like to help. Any info would be greatly appreciated. xx
  6. Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

    Thanks Greytmate, thats a really great suggestion :) Much appreciated :)
  7. Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

    Thanks Panto :) Yes, rehoming any of these animals is not an option, Jubs is part of his family and the cats are part of hers. A secure cattery is probably the best solution that can be found.
  8. Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

    All good points thanks guys :) The cats are used to living with dogs, they were reared with dogs (who have now passed away), but i understand what you are both saying. I think that the cattery is prob the best idea too, Ta! Greatly appreciated :)
  9. Hi all, This may seem like a silly question, but is there any way to re-train a dog ( an old dog) to not be reactive towards cats? Jasper (aka Jubs) is a 10 year old staffy who has never been friends with cats. Jubs is part of a household where she has always been the only pet. Usual behaviour is for her to bark at the fence when she sees them. Jubs has never attacked a cat, but not sure if thats because she has just never had the opportunity too. Jasper is very much loved part of the family and is a very friendly loving little dog. If you wanted to introduce two cats into her home, is there any way to train her to ignore them, or do you think for the sake of the cats safety they will always need to be seperated? I know usually dogs who are reactive to cats are re-homed to houses without cats, but in this circumstance Jubs is not being re-homed, rather the owner asking his girlfriend move in and she has two cats, that must go with her. Any ideas? PJ :)
  10. Cookie - Dumped Kitten

    Great article. You have done a fantastic job!
  11. Cookie - Dumped Kitten

    You truly are an amazing woman. You have so much love, patience and kindness. May you and your family always be blessed for all the great work you. xx
  12. Honey Has Been With Us For One Whole Year!

    Honey is beautiful!
  13. Happy First Birthday To My Girl!

    Lottie is adorable.....such a lovely looking dog. Happy birthday Lottie
  14. Dogs Heart Person

    [ That is so sweet. I love it when a pet and a child form a bond.. it's truly beautiful But, I've met Benjimen and he is one of the most sweetest kid I've ever met. I can see why animals will be attracted to him I have to agree that you can never be lonely if you have a pet... seriously, I will be lost without my 2 (even though Emmy loves my sister more than me ) Thankyou for your kind words. Yes i am very lucky that Benjimen is such a sweet boy...what can i say he takes after his mummy. Yes, when i see him and Rosie all snuggled up together my heart just melts.
  15. Dogs Heart Person

    Well i dont have a dog anymore...cos Chloe-Joe's heart person was my ex...but I have my four cats..and i can safely say that my last two foster failures Romeo and Rosie- i am Romeo 's heart person. As soon as i pull into the driveway after work each day. I can see Romeo sitting at the glass panel next to the front door and Rosie is sitting at the loungeroom window (which is great, seeing that im not actually sipposed to have pets in the house..lol). Once the door is open, they both run for me and then collapse at my feet. Romeo was really badly abused and neglected, so i guess that it makes sense that he has bonded with me so well. He sleeps curled up under my arms and wakes me every morning by gently putting his paws on my face. We have had Rosie since she was three weeks old, so we are all she has ever known. As much as she loves me i can honestly say that her heart person in my son Benjimen. Rosie looks up at him with so much love in her eyes, she sleeps next to him and will allow him to carry her for as long as he likes. Rosie has never scratched or bitten my son, she saves all of that behaviour for poor Romeo...lol. It is such a pleasure to go home each evening and know that they are there waitig for us and especially now that i am on my own, they provide me so much companionship when my son is with his dad and of an evening when my son is in bed fast asleep. I would be lost without them.