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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know of a shop that sells Kangaroo Mince in the Warrandyte area? My Sister in law is looking for a place to buy it for her dog. Thanks in advance! KAT1
  2. hi all, we are moving to Geelong and I am trying to source a place that sells kangaroo mince in the Geelong area. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance! KAT
  3. This is a great thread! My boy's name is Darcy too! Full name "Mr Darcy". I am a mad Jane Austen fan and I like saying "Mr Darcy is waiting for me at home"! ;) The first time I saw him (at 6 weeks old: see attached photo) he looked down his nose at me with this proud air as if to say "and what have we here?' just like I imagine Mr Darcy would in pride and prejudice! hehehe! He still does it sometimes.
  4. Thanks everyone. I think he is the most gorgeous boy I have ever known and I am always trying to snuggle and hug him, but he is not so much into hugs! Ah well, it doesn't stop me though. I just gave him a special birthday tummy rub which he enjoyed immensely and now he is surrounded with his fluffy toys and ready for bed!
  5. Hi Everyone, Today Darcy has turned one. I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was looking at him as a 1 week old. WOW! and he has grown so much (see photos below). Thank you to all who have responded to my various questions over the past year. You have been a great comfort and support, particularly as Darcy is my first pet and I pretty much had no idea what I was doing. Apart from our monthly vet visits he has been delightful! Not naughty, very obedient (most of the time) and a joy to have around. Here are some pics from our year together: KAT Darcy at 10 weeks old with his beloved Ducky Darcy at the beach. Darcy now with his beloved Ducky (the first Ducky had his beak chomped off, so thankfully I had bought two at the time and the second Ducky has so far been very much looked after!) Darcy as a 1 year old.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRONTE!!! Darcy is sending his doggy good wishes and he is looking forward to his 1st birthday tomorrow!! The year has just flown by! They are so little, and then suddenly they are all grown up!
  7. Thanks Everyone. I appreciate your input. I just gave Darcy some vegies with cottage cheese egg and yoghurt. He was licking the bowl for 10 mintues after finishing!
  8. Hi everyone, Thanks for that advice I will reduce the amount of veggies and increase muscle meat and other things. Another question I had is which supplements to you use? Also, where do you buy them from? For vitamin supplements can you use human grade from the chemist? I just realised that my dog eats better than I do!!!
  9. Hi All, Well, after reading "Give your dog a bone" and freaking out about having fed my puppy dry kibble up til now, I have taken the plunge and have started giving him on a RAW food diet. I have started over the past week weening him off the kibble, towards the raw meaty bones (RMB) and veggies, and already I have noticed a HUGE difference in his output. He has always had messy poo, and I did try a few different premium kibbles, to no success, but now he has these beautiful small doggy nuggets which are, dare I say, a pleasure to pick up? His coat is also feeling softer (after only a week)! I went to the butcher and bought chicken carcasses, chicken necks, kidneys, lamb flaps, whole sardines, I bought myself a juicer so that I could give him veggie pulp (and myself yummy juice which is a bonus!) and have bought some flax seed oil and kelp powder. I still have to add eggs and cottage cheese to his diet (supermarket today). I am going to try and get a copy of "The BARF diet" but until it arrives I have a few questions which I hope someone will be able to help me with: 1. I read that I should be feeding him 60% RMB and 40% veggies. Does this mean that at every meal I should have that ratio? For example, I feed him twice a day, so does it mean I should feed just RMB (60% in weight of the total fed that day) in the morning, and in the evening a veggie meal (40% in weight for that day), or a mixture of 60:40 at each meal? 2. I am basing the amount of RMB and veggies on 2% of his weight. Is this correct? 3. Is there something I can do to make the veggie meal more appealing? I have discovered not to put chicken necks and veggies together, as the chicken necks are eaten but the veggies are left behind. Maybe adding eggs and cottage cheese? 4. Should I make patties with a mixture of veggies and mince? I read somewhere that mince doesn't have the benefits of RMB. Is it worth doing? 5. Is it possible to freeze the veggie pulp produced by a juicer without destroying the nutrients? 6. How much offal (kidneys/liver) should I feed based on his weight? and how often? Thanks in advance. I'm sure more questions will crop up as we progress. One other question: which supplements do you use and where do you buy them from? Are vitamins for humans ok?
  10. That is horrible. I also had a bad experience with my goldie boy about a month ago. A 2 yr old full male and 9 month old puppy attacked him. As soon as I saw the 2 yr old I got a bad feeling since its tail was straight up in the air and it was growling, so I decided it was time to go. As we moved away this dog started running after us,and started attacking my boy, the 9 mnth staffy puppy just followed (although I think he thought it was a good game), one on either side of my boy (who thought it was a game too but didn't quite know what to make of it). It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I was yelling at the dogs and pushing them away, not thinking about what would happen if they grabbed a hold of me (I thought of that after the incident). The owner just did nothing!!!! Eventually after much yelling (from me) he called them to him, and after ages they finally left. So I put my boy on a lead and waited till I thought they had gone far enough away before heading home (since they went in the same direction I had to go), but then the dogs came back a second time. I couldnt believe it. Eventually the guy put them on a lead, but then he must have let the lead go of the 2 yr old, and it attacked AGAIN!!!! By that time I was growling at the dog like one very angry mean dog (even I scared myself) and eventually the guy grabbed him and said "he doesn't usually behave like this". It was so horrible, just thinking about it makes me sick to the stomach. Thankfully he wasn't hurt, and doesn't seem to a have been psychologically scarred (although I have been). I think he thought it was a game. Needless to say I have not been back to the park, which is a shame since my boy loves socialising with other dogs, but I don't want to risk him. It also made me think of carrying a retractable walking stick when I walk him, in case something like that happened again. I also called the council, and they said that if they don't know where the person lives they are unable to send a ranger to give them a warning. But they did say that they would send a ranger to the park to patrol it around the same time in the days following and if they saw the guy they would speak to him. Sorry for such a long reply, but i still haven't gotten over the incident fully.
  11. Oooh I would love to see the video! I bought Darcy a reindeer dangly toy for Christmas and he searches it out and carries it around in is mouth and licks its head. He did start chewing the ears until I told him he had to be gentle with it, and since then he has been! The head of the reindeer has started to come off from all the licking. I have to reinforce it with my sewing kit! Here is a photo of him waiting VERY patiently.
  12. I have a furminator for my goldie. It is really great! I started off with a slicker brush and a comb, which do remove some hair, but have found ther furminator is the best at removing the dead hair. Mine is a large which I bought on ebay. I also upgraded to a "deluxe furminator" (also from ebay from the US, you can see what it looks like on the www.furminator.com). It arrived two days ago and is even better than the the usual one. It has a button that automatically removes the hair from the comb section which saves time and effort. For me it means I don't need to remove it from the brush with the hand I am usually holding my puppy with, which means that an escaping puppy chasing and eating the hair thats flying all around him is almost a memory, although it is very funny! Also, I don't need to press very hard on his coat. I find that a gentle brushing action removes HEAPS, and it is better off in the bin than rolling around my house like tumbleweed.
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