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  1. Would A Vet Do This?

    Thanks for the replies will go and talk to the receptionist. The matts were caused I think when she was desexed and not trimmed off adequately and now they have just grown.
  2. Have a long haired Border Collie with some massive long matted hair on her belly between her rear legs. Have tried to cut with scissors, but the problem is she doesn't like you touching them and the matt is so thick you cant cut through it, so have to try to get above it right next to the belly. She wraps her tail under making it more difficult and ends up flopping on her belly to make you stop. So before I approach my vet, do you think they would knock her out and cut them off or would that seem too risky just for matted hair. I realise there is always a risk putting a dog under. I tried a professional groomer but they had the same problem I had.
  3. If you gotta go you gotta go
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-13802940
  5. I have a 42" crate for my BC, but would also recommend a 36" She's 30 months old now and still sleeps in it most nights (her choice)
  6. January 2nd Adelaide Meet

    Will try to make it, never been before so can someone post the address again and time? Dont know what nibbles I can bring as the shops are shut but will have had breakfast anyway.... and will bring the clam shell with me. Hopefully Tara behaves herself, she is very much a people dog but doesn't like boisterous dogs
  7. Dogs & Relationship Break Up

    Don't think the police will get involved as the dog/s have not been illegally stolen therefor no crime has been committed I don't think Micro chipping is proof of ownership just a form of identification. Possibly who has paid vet bills, licenses etc will hold the upper hand in a court making a decision similar to relationship breakups and children being involved Might be easier to split them between the 2 of you, you have the girl and he has the boy
  8. Border Collie Pics

    My girl, just turned 2 standing next to her weave poles.
  9. Dog Attack

    I'm lucky that in all my life of owning dogs have never been attacked, but I am ultra cautious. If I see a dog off leash I always walk the other way to avoid it just in case, I even avoid on leash dogs if the handler doesnt give signs of controlling the dog, like obviously been to training by how they walk the dog, hold the leash etc., you can usually tell by monitoring them as they are walking towards you. If something vicious did happen I dont think a lot of the ideas in here would work with the speed and ferocity of an attack. Hitting with a stick would work but would need accuracy to get the correct spot, kicking would work but in the chest, not ribs, all difficult to achieve in the heat of the moment. And when I take my dog offleash to the beach or park I have a tennis ball and racquet with me :-)
  10. Man In Custody Over Stolen Chihuahua

    He's pleading not guilty. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-a...3-1225963885976
  11. Dog Crate

    I have a 42" for my BC, if anything it is slightly big, reckon a 36" would be perfect
  12. Border Collie Pics

    Photo of my 2 year old girl having a rest
  13. I've just started using "NRG No-nots" detangler and conditioner for tails, manes and hair, it's for horses and you can get it at any of their supply stores but comes recommended for dogs too. http://www.nrgteam.com.au/nonots.html As far as dreadlocks are concerned I know what you are saying as i've just had to cut ones from behind my BC's ears as there's no way it would come out. AFAIK a fine comb is the best to use to prevent them
  14. Harry Stolen Chihuahua Has Been Found!

    A NORTHFIELD man has been charged with the theft of Harry the chihuahua. Detectives arrested the man, 33, earlier tonight and charged him over the theft of the little dog from the Royal Adelaide Show on September 8. The man has been bailed to appear in the Holden Hill Magistrates Court on November 4. Harry was found safe and well at Northfield on Tuesday and has since been returned to his owner.
  15. Border Collie Pics

    Any BC owners got tips on how to prevent "corkscrews" behind the ears. My BC gets brushed at least 3 times a week but has these massive knots behind the ears that will need to be cut off. Can only assume she is scratching there but she has no ear infection or fleas