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  1. Showing With A 2 Year Old (human Kid)

    He won't be 2 for ever, many people have done it, my mum did it with us as has my sister. I guess the question is do you want to?? I'd much rather watch a 2 year old playing and learning about animals than listen to someones abandoned dog bark ring side for hours because they are away socialising. JMHO Kate
  2. Any News Adelaide Royal Judges?

    We could last year. Cheers Kate
  3. Royal Melbourne Judges 2012

    I have shown under Luis and John, at Royals and a decade apart in 2 states both made the event entertaining and were excellent going over the dogs. Can't say anything about the other two. Cheers Kate
  4. Rant From A P*ssed Off Show Secretary

    Can I unenter some I entered that long ago?? I'm sure there's a few in hindsight I would of been better of not entering. LOL Kate
  5. We had a 5 year old Collie girl quite sick with a case of gastritis after eating a pigs ear I purchased at a dog show - we have not purchased them since, never tested to identify the strain of the infection. Cheers Kate
  6. Canidae Feeders

    2 year old high energy Collie with EPI she is on Grain free Pure Elements (not the fishy one) been on it for about a month now and is starting to regain weight slowly. Grain free dry foods are hard to find. She cleans her bowl and no problem at the other end (touch wood) shine back on her coat and a twinkle in her eye. Cheers Kate
  7. Wodonga Kennel Club Results

    Yep they are great grounds in the wet, but I wimped it also LOL. Have fun everyone. Cheers Kate
  8. Morwell/traralgon

    Group 5 - Sunday BIG Sheltie (Acreman) RIG Rough Collie (Robgai) BPIG Sheltie (Walters) MPIG Border Collie (Khayoz) PIG Border Collie (Luuaca) JIG Rough Collie (Carluke) IIG ? escapes me! ABIG as for RIG OIG as for BIG Cheers Kate
  9. Morwell/traralgon

    Group 5 BIG Border Colllie RUIG Belgian Shepherd Baby in group GSD Minor in G Border Collie Puppy in G Rough Collie Junior in G Bearded Collie Intermediate in group Sheltie Aust Bred Groendael Open in G Border Collie Cheers Kate
  10. Yarrawonga/mulwala 18th Sept Bulla

    Smooth Collie went onto Junior in show. YAY for Quincy Cheers Kate
  11. Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control

    We have one, works well for some of our dogs, but I have one girl who stands and barks at it when it is turned on LOL Cheers Kate
  12. Sashes Vs Rosettes Vs Comets

    Rosettes are our favourites especially when they are donated and come from O/S :>)) Comets look nice and could be a change for a speciality show for placings or cc's Sashes are good too so long as they don't fall apart as you walk out of the ring LOL Our sashes are hung over a display cabinet door for the current year then unfortunately at the moment under the spare bed! Rosettes are pinned onto to wall hangings. I have both gold medals and Black and Gold Handler Rosettes :>)) Agree about the trophies and increase the value of the sashes or go totally to cash - but thats another topic Cheers Kate
  13. What if you are a partnership/kennel reg - (like we are) do all 4 get there mug shots on the card?? Why not move to Police checks as well. Some hobby. The undesirable will always be there as will the desirable, and no I don't have the magic answer either. Cheers Kate Hi Wayrod, when we see you back in the ring?
  14. The Dog Show Catalogue

    Ditto all Sway said. Love the 'Cat'
  15. Rip Ch O'flanagan Go For Broke (imp Swd)

    Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) So sorry for the loss of one so young. regards Kate