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  1. My dog went through a phase of lunging at interesting things, just about pulling my arm out of its socket. I have been training leash manners in her from the very start, but there are still a couple of things (birds, other dogs) that are super exciting. I used a K9 Bridle on her on the advice of my trainer until she could control herself better. I don't like the thing, she doesn't like the thing, but it was never used as a punishment (no yanking from me) so she learned that it only tightened when she, herself lunged. Now she's 98% of the time controlling her own behaviour in just a flat collar, even when something is really exciting. I help her along by asking her to sit and focus on a high-value reward for controlling herself.
  2. how do dogs eat without teeth?

    I had two Chinese Crested dogs that progressively lost their teeth, as it's linked to the hairless gene. They had no problems eating their dry food and chicken necks right up to the very end of old age.
  3. My teenage Pom chews rocks

    My teenage dog also went through the rock phase. It started after she watched me painting rocks, tried to get to my box of rocks and when denied, went outside to get her own rocks. She was trying to chew them though, so it was causing me concern. I removed her access to the rocks and gave her some antlers to chew and after a while, she forgot about it. I'm afraid to start painting rocks again though
  4. Thank you, Tassie and Persephone I am happy to keep sharing her training journey! These two pictures are from relatively recent public access training sessions. She came voting with me so I nicknamed her Democracy Dog The other picture is her learning to give deep pressure in a busy environment. I rarely use the headcollar anymore now. She had a habit of just about pulling my arm out of its socket for a little while so my trainer had me use it for safety until we trained her not to lunge at interesting things.
  5. Thank you, Rebanne! I blocked an old lady from patting her at Coles the other day and was berated for it. "She's too pretty you know, it makes people want to pat her!" I don't disagree, I think she would get far less attention if she was a bit more homely
  6. I don't know if I'm doing this in the right subforum, so if it's in the wrong forum, mea culpa. I was around the DOL forums oohhh... 4 years ago? I was looking for information on Aussie Shepherds and was gently redirected to the Aussie Shepherd forum and had a great time learning about the breed. I decided that they were definitely for me and after a lot of waiting and mooning over the puppies for sale section of the site, my little girl was finally born. July 6 last year was her birthday, so she's almost a year old now! This is Pawsitive Art of Dreamtime, aka Muse. She was part of the "Creative" litter and I wanted to keep that theme for her use name, so she is named after the Muses of Greek mythology (not the band). It all felt like total serendipity as I am an artist, so it was perfect. Muse is my assistance dog in training. I have disabilities that she is being trained to help me with and allow me more independence. It will be at least another 6 to 12 months before I do the Public Access Test with her and she becomes GHAD certified (Guide, Assistance and Hearing Dogs). This dog is everything I could have ever wanted in a companion; we are a match made in heaven. Waiting for the 3+ years that I did for the right dog was the best choice I have ever made. Our public access training has begun in earnest and it's been both interesting and nervewracking (for me, not Muse, she loves it all). So far most people assume I'm training her for someone else, so I haven't been grilled about intimate medical details yet, but some people can be pretty hard to deal with and could probably do with some obedience lessons themselves. Muse absolutely lives for training of any sort, so I also do trick training with her in between the assistance dog stuff. I'm thinking about doing something like noseworks or search and rescue as well, (though the latter is only if we both have what it takes!) Here she is personifying the meme "No take, only throw". She wanted me to throw the strap she was holding in her mouth so was offering a beg. Silly dingdong hadn't given it to me yet though! Please excuse the mess around her. One of her greatest joys is shredding things into confetti.
  7. Aussie Pics

    Aw he's lovely LisaCC, gorgeous photo
  8. Recent Dog Art

    I worried a bit that people might think I was just doing photo manipulations, that's why I recorded myself doing it. I might do a full recording one day, beginning to end, but I worry I'll make people motion sick as I turn the canvas on screen a lot as I work and when it's sped up it's gut churning to watch. I consciously didn't do that for this recording :laugh:
  9. Recent Dog Art

    This is Asha the pharaoh hound, completed last night at 2am (I'm such a night owl). I also recorded my screen while I painted one of her eyes, it's a 3 minute time lapse video of about an hour's worth of painting. Click for Video
  10. Aussie Pics

    Happy birthday pups. Wow Koda is stunningly good looking!
  11. Recent Dog Art

    Yes poocow, I do commissions :)
  12. Recent Dog Art

    Thanks so much everyone, you're making me blush
  13. Recent Dog Art

    Aw thanks everyone :) I have a website with a ton more art on it - http://www.toastweasel.com/ I don't want to get in trouble for advertising so please just PM me or contact me via my contact details on the site if you have any specific queries! This is another dog portrait I did last week, it's not as polished as the above two as it was done a lot faster and with a pretty low detail reference photo. For comparison, Leo's picture took me 15+ hours, whereas this one took me about 4 hours. This sweet little girl is owned by the lady who comes to trim my horse's hooves :) Her name is Taxi.
  14. Recent Dog Art

    So following on from my previous thread, I made the definite decision to go ahead and add an Aussie Shepherd to my family - now I'm playing the waiting game for the right pup to come along and time seems to have crawled to a standstill. I'm going pretty nutty without a dog and I find myself thinking about them a lot, and reading about them, and talking about them, and... painting them :laugh: I've done quite a few dog portraits in the past, but they were traditional media (pencil and acrylic paint) for the most part. These ones are digital, meaning I've used a tablet and stylus to input my brush strokes to special computer software which interprets them. This first one is Piper, a Border Collie who lives where I board my horse. And this second one is the beautiful Leo, who was owned by leopuppy04 I hope I picked the right forum section to share in
  15. Aussie Pics

    Thanks everyone :) I've just read through to page 1000 of this thread, only 1088 to go :laugh: