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  1. I think this poll and judging by the posts it proves that markings and colour do contribute significantly to a deciding factor for some people, and I think we should all respect that.
  2. okay done my reasearch, ill take her into the vet for a check up, I think im just being paranoid.
  3. You can edit the title by opening your first post and pressing the edit button. If the dog is still favouring the leg, I'd suggest you ask your vet about the possiblity of a bone spur having formed on the surgery site or perhaps to have an x-ray done to see what's going on. What is a bone spur? i notice on the inside section of knee cap there is a little bump of hard something or rather, The dog is in no pain i jsut notice a funny movment when she runs sometimes, walking is fine tho.
  4. no regular vet reffered me to a specilist, Will be doing lost of swimming and let walking i think
  5. Usual opperation of deepening the knee cap and tie up the tendons again was not an option, its was a high grade and requires screws and the original knee cap groove opp aswell, also breaking the shin bone and straighting it up.
  6. Sorry, the opp was for a luxating patella
  7. Colby had some of the best dogs around. RIP
  8. Been 4 months since the surgry for luxating patella. It it normal for the Dog to still favour the leg? I still notice she dose not use it like a normal dog would 100%, Do they ever go back to normal? I dont think Running offlead is an option out of the back yard anymore.
  9. APBT

    Child Killed By Dog

    The media is just as much to blame for the rubbish i read on the web about "pitbulls". ive said it many times, 99% wouldent know a APBT for the life of them and these Zombies that are brainwashed by the media is just sad, it will never stop, but aslo i will never stop loving and owning APBT's
  10. APBT

    Child Killed By Dog

    Mate you are a joke, you wont be killing anydog, and no dog will be going BERSERK due to car backfire, pathetic
  11. dont feed him for a few days, guaranteed to fix that problem quick smart.
  12. Any one used this? looking to buy some new shampoo here a little info on it. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Dog-Shampoo-250ml-1...=item2c5a0b306c
  13. owwww watch out for the killer pups, haha. you made my day.
  14. Do you even know what a cur is? a little research may help you to understand alot better. saying this i do NOT condone dog fighting, i just respect the past history of my dogs.
  15. im talking food grade only, if its fine to feed to humans and animals daily i wouldn't think it would be bad to inhale. Especially as its used to dust in and around the dogs kennels.
  16. Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic, safe substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. Crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope, the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Deadly to any insect and completely harmless to animals, fish, fowl or food. Most insects have a waxy outer shell covering their bodies, INSECT STOP scratches through this shell causing the insect to dehydrate leading to eventual death. Anyone used this on there animals before, ive heard nothing but great feedback from the Game dog community in the US, wondering if anyone here has tried it. More info here http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/health/diatearth.htm
  17. Was under the impression it didn't work the first time, hence the second photo edit.
  18. A friends Stafford with his napping buddy.
  19. ummm, ive owned APBT's and Amstaffs. I respect both for what they are, as should everyone else. No one should be ditching anyone, we need to stick together and fight it. Seems your a front running cur.
  20. Exact same thing that's happening right now in the U.S. People breeding for size and image, people will always like that style of dog, then there is the other side who prefer there real APBT's. As long as people dont start thinking and calling them american pitbulls i dont have an issue.
  21. Dont let anyone mess around with the feeding plan, if its what the breeder gave you then i would stick to it. Also if its your dog, you should really be the only one to feed it. And forget about the tinned dog food, its rubbish. The dry biscuits are good, no need to soak them aswell, they need to learn to chew, and it will do wonders for teething. soak some kibble in warm water if you really need to, scrap the wheat bix and oats.
  22. You can make one for about $10, Look up "springpoles"
  23. Best things ive found are pumped up soccer balls, makes it harder for them to bite and puncture it. Old jeans and pants, tie knots in the legs and cut them to size, perfect bite surface for tug o war aswell. Cant go past a tennis ball, old footys. Traffic cones are great aswell.
  24. the vet doesn't know as the xray shows mostley intact and some swelling?? i get really upset when i talk to the vets about porscha that i don't seem to take muck in, but it was first the right leg then followed but a panic visit when she had problems with the left leg but i think she may have just bumped it as it was better within a day. i must also add that as of wednesday she can walk great with no limp for around 5mins or so then she gets tired and the limp starts again The limp starts when the knee cap comes out of place? Were you advised to push it back into postion? or Have you noticed she her doing it herself when lying down.
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